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K:'Ello 'ello 'ello all!! This is Kelly here with her muse P.
P: *narrows eyes* Go away.
K: That was charming Pietro. I'm sure the readers feel so loved
P: Must you always be so sarcastic?
K: Must you always be so bitter?
P: Indeed
K: Well, as long as we're clear then. I'm seventeen and an absolute nut . . .
P: Really? I hadn't noticed.
K: *ahem* . . . with no real style of writing at all. There's slash and humor and romance and angst and various other crap in my fic collection.
P: Yeah. You're all over the place.
K: I blame my muse.
P: Yeah, stupid muse . . . HEY!
K: *snickers*
P: *pouts* *storms off*
K: Well, I better go catch him. Thanks for reading my fics. Oh and go visit my site here:


Or my web journal here: http:///~xpressionismx

Bye for now ladies and gents!