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If you're reading this, you've probably read my auto-bio, so thankyou! (I hope you reviewed!! :P)

I don't claim to be a writer, I consider myself more of a reader, but I will hopefully try writing fiction one day.

So seeing as I consider myself as more of a reader than a writer, I'm just gonna list a few of my favourite authors (and stories by them):

Dan Brown (Angels and Demons, DaVinci Code)
John Grisham (The Client, The Chamber)
John Marsden (The Tomorrow Series - of which a sequel series is being written!, Checkers, Dear Miffy... actually just read ALL of his stuff!!)
Enid Blyton (all The Naughtiest Girl stories, all The Wishing Chair stories, all The Magic Faraway Tree stories, all Secret Seven and Famous Five... ahhh, i love Enid Blyton!!)
Joanne Harris (Chocolat, Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters Of The Orange)

Ok, so they're the ones that immediately come to mind, although there are many, many others!

I also love getting emails (who doesn't right?!) so feel free to email me! and i have msn, so you can chat to me on there too.

luv renai xxx

Badly Writen Bio - So a few people have commented that I should tell them why they should read my auto-bio.
There is a specific event that propelled me into writing it, but that isn't really a reason for someone to read it (although I am looking forward to the reactions when i get around to writing that part!).
The only answer I can think to give, is that maybe, by reading about my life, you will learn something; discover something about yourself; or simply, put your life into perspective.
I've read alot of negative auto-bio's on here (no offence to the authors!), and I'm more of a positive person, which I think is a good message to get out there. I am completely happy with who I am. I mean, sure there are things I would change if I could, but I accept myself for who I am, and constantly re-evaluate myself and fix the things about me that I don't like.
I'm just going to share a little convo I had with my friend Carly, because I think others might get something out of it. We were on the beach one day, and something came up about things we don't like about ourselves (physically). I said that I hated the fact that I have indented bum cheeks (Bahaha! I couldn't think how to describe it... like indented on the sides of my bum cheeks/thighs... someone tell me if it doesn't make sense!), and she said she wanted that, and she hated her hips, and that is something I would like to have. So basically, the point I am trying to get across, is that it is perfectly natural to find fault with yourself, but chances are, the things you don't like, are the things someone else wished they had!
Anyway, I've totally gone off topic here.
Essentially, there is no reason why someone HAS to read my auto-bio... but I would like you to!!!

Happy reading!
luv me xxx

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