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Name: Resha Yukira aka Rita Valentine (told above, definitely not my real name, why the hell do I have to tell my name. Give you tips, nearly pronounce as 'Zebra'.

Sex: Does my name tells you any clue?

Age: 18 is too old, 15 is too young. Yeah, the two numbers in your mind would be my age.

Location: Brunei. Island of Borneo...

Blood Type: Gee... no one asked me that, I think it's O or is it B!?

Like: I love teddy bears, something relates to teddy bear obviously. Hrm... My crush!?

Dislike: Be honest here; Gays and Lebis. I don't mind the people who are interested in the same sex, I don't have the right to judge them but please not in front of me. I am very sensitive.

Favorite Bishounen: Tamahome, Tasuki, Chiciri, Ryoga, Ranma, Mousse, Inuyasha, bla bla bla... and much more...

Astrological sign: Scorpio [24.10]

Height: about 157cm

Hobbies/interests: Drawing, making stories, bla bla bla

My anime fics are at

- I'll be making peotries for the time being. Sorry ^_^ Enjoy

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