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About Me

I first started creative writing as a young teenager; but none of my stories got off the ground. I took a break from creative writing during college, but I still kept up with other forms of writing so I technically never stopped. ;) But now I'm done with college and I have a different and deeper understanding of the world than I did 8 years ago. As I'm taking some time off to figure out what to do next with my life, I decided to take up creative writing again. I've deleted all my old poems and unfinished stories on this account, changed my pen name, and I've started all over again! So let's see how it goes!

Books: Almost anything by Jodi Picoult or Jane Austen, classics, plays, historical, political, almost anything written by a Catholic author

Currently Reading: Brave New World

TV: The Office, Smallville, Conan, Colbert Report

Music: Positive Alternative Rock (or just plain ol' Alternative Rock), Music Literature, a little bit of Musicals, Instrumental, just about anything by Switchfoot or The Killers. I love using music to help me with my writing when I'm trying to write in a certain mood or get into the mind of a certain character, so sometime's I end up listening to stuff I normally wouldn't otherwise :)

Writing Projects

The Guardian: The Guardian is currently the only project I'm working on. It's a Sci-Fi Drama (though more drama than sci-fi, at least for now) about a young man, named Max, who has a pretty good life. He was raised by loving parents who instilled deep values into him. He grew up in the kind of small town you always hear about in novels and fairy tales. He loves his job as a fireman, and hopes to move to the big city next year to join their department. And also moving to the city are Lee - Max's best friend from childhood - and Alicia - the girl next door who Max has had a crush on since the 7th grade. Then everything gets turned upside down when Max discovers he has super-human abilities. After he learns about why he has them, his life will forever change in a way he could have never imagined.

This is a story that explores what it means to be human, what happens when life doesn't turn out how we expected it to, what it means to truly love someone, and how do we respond when we find out there's a higher calling in our life. This is a story I've had in my head for several months now, and I've really fallen in love with it. I'm curious to see what other people think of it, so please feel free to tell me what you all think!

How I Update: I just want to make a note on how I write my chapters and how I often I upload them to FictionPress. As a writer, I believe that it is my responsibility to make my work as readable and error-free as possible for my readers. I can have the greatest story idea in the world, but if my writing is filled with errors due to a lack of reviewing and editing on my part, then it doesn't matter how creative my story is. Good writing makes all the difference. Since I am an amateur doing all the edits myself and creative writing is just a very enjoyable hobby for me, I will not be able to upload the perfect story: There will always be something that can be improved. However, I strive to do my best to provide my readers with the best quality work I can offer at the time. So this is the process I go through when I write a chapter: First I draft an outline for myself, just to help me figure out exactly what I want to happen in the chapter. Then I write the draft of the chapter, and I usually don't worry too much about proper grammar, spelling, and wording. Then when the draft is done, I will reread the chapter multiple times to fix any errors. If I can't come up with a way to fix an error right away, I highlight it then come back to it another time or day after I've had some time away from it. I do this until all the highlights are gone, then I do one more final read-through. I then let the chapter "sit" for at least a week without looking at it, before I upload it to FictionPress. Even right before I upload it, I'll reread it one more time and make any necessary improvements. Since writing a chapter can take a while sometimes, I don't like to do the thing where I upload a chapter as soon as it's finished. I like to "write ahead" of myself and kind of have an inventory of chapter ready to go. I like to upload at least once every 2 weeks, so when that time comes I always have a chapter that's ready to upload; all I have to do is do a quick reread. For example, as I'm writing this I have two chapters in my "inventory" but they will not be both uploaded one right after another. I will just upload one today, that way I can have time to draft more chapters so that by the time I actually do upload that other chapter - I'll have a couple more back in the inventory.


10/16/11: Chapter 7 is uploaded; my apologies for not updating for 4 months. It's hard to find time for writing when you move to another state and start a new full-time job all at the same time. But I'm really motivated to start writing this story again. I probably won't be able to do regular uploads, so I will just get the chapters up whenever I can. Thank you to all who have read and reviewed this story so far - I'm very touched that people are still reading this story even after 4 months of no updates. I can't guarantee when Chapter 8 will be uploaded - but most of the draft is written and I am making my writing a priority (or at least trying to) since it helps me stay sane :) I'm really trying to focus on getting this story told and not getting hung up on minor details, which can be dealt with later. I really love this story, and my dream is to tell it in its' full completion one day. So again, thank you to all who have been supporting my story so far - it really motivates me to keep going!

06/25/11: So I said that my next update would probably be around now; but that's not going to happen. But I have a good reason, I got a job! It all happened very suddenly and long story short, I'm moving to another state and have only had a week to get ready to do so. Which means I haven't had the time to work on The Guardian lately, but it WILL be updated at some point! I have no intention of abandoning the story. I still want to write Chapters 8 and 9 before I update, and most of Chapter 8 has already been written. Hopefully I can get Chapter 7 up in July, but it all depends on when I get settled into my new job and have a consistent routine. Thank you all who have been reading my story, and please keep checking back here for more updates!

06/02/11: Uploaded Chapter 6. I'm a little bit behind in how many chapters I would like to have in my "inventory", so I'll say right now that it will probably towards the end of this month when I get Chapter 7 uploaded but I will strive for it to be sooner than that. I currently only have Chapter 7 done and an outline for Chapter 8. I would like to have Chapters 8 and 9 done before I upload Chapter 7, hence the delay :)


This probably isn't necessary, but just to make sure, please do not give me flames or use any sort of profane or vulgar language in your reviews of my work. They will promptly be deleted and/or reported. You don't have to only say nice things about my work, I would appreciate all the constructive criticism I can get, but all I ask is that you be respectful in your reviews. Thank you :)

The Guardian reviews
20-year old Maxwell Trenton's life gets turned completely upside down after he discovers that he has super-human abilities.
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 21,002 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/16/2011 - Published: 3/10/2011