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hello we r insane chipmunks from the planet called NYNEAAAGGNTGEGTTTRRYYUYTY commonly know as Bob

Actualy we're demon animals from the strange and dangerous planet called Earth.*shudder* its horrible there...


NOTE! There are TWO of us-

Mouse O(^*^)O squeak.- Crazy, Likes DBZ, Ranma 1/2, Invader Zim, Daria and The Simpsons. Also Likes- Good Charlotte, ICP, GreenDay, New Found Glory, Sum41, Cake, Linkin Park and much more...oh and LLAMA! not all llamas just invisable llama ^-^ so cute..REAL AGE- 14 MENTAL HEATLH- Insane, Pyro, Halucinagenic (sp?), Paronoia, Fear Of Being Sane, Fear Of Large Shiny Objects, Fear Of Pink, Fear Of Those God Damned Leprachauns That Say BURN! etc, etc, etc...

Kitty (^~.~^) meow.- Almost as crazy as mouse. but never... NEVER matching her insanity. *shudder* never...
Likes- pretty much any anime... kenshin, ranma, komodo no omocha, samurai x, lain, uh... cant think of n e more !!
real age- 15 other likes- brand new, the used, alien ant farm, dashboard confessional.. ^_^ .. JHONEN(!!!!!!), inu, sano, theres lots more... MENTAL HEALTH: ... not to be explained in words...
plus.. my shrink (i call her Bobbette) says i shouldnt try to think about myself as insane.. {*smiles at bobette* [brother] why are you smiling at the freakin' wall again?????
ahh. the insanity of others.}
then she started mumbling something about getting meh fit for a new jacket...
yay!! as long as its not pink... *shudder*
PS!!!!! i would like to mention!!!! *coughSIMON* i am GOING
to update Goodnight moon!!!! im slow at finishing that poem!! its almost done!!!! (ok nevermind the updating thing!! my comp crashed and EVERYTHING ish gone. *disgusted* its a dell. x.x and it WAS almost done!!. kinda...)
oh and... HI SCOOTER!! just so u all know... scooter is Scott St. Hilaire ... tell him HI! (and 'member... his name's scooter!!!!(or scoot))
in case you were wondering.. i was going through a non-grammar-like, excessive exclaimation points phase but am CURRENTLY too lazy to rewrite it. ^_^ too bad for you.

IF U DONT REVIEW I SHAL USE MY 2 favorite persuasive techniques!!

BLACKMAIL- I know what u did last summer! and it wasnt that thing with the bunny and bag of popcorn either! MUHA!

DEATH THREATS- I shall send a letter to ur house saying i know where u live! ITS GENIOUS!

Oh and Simon Psyc...UR THE CLONE!...Llama says so!

gives reviewers all the gold that they can eat* -O(^*^)O

Ok just cuz im bored i shall tell u some boring stuff..we r on the fave list of 12 ppl and we have submitted 136 signed reviews..
(AND a total of three of our stories have been reported and taken off fictionpress. :p. im not bitter. -(^~.~^))
oh and check our account 2.. -O(^*^)O

Its a work-in progress and we still havent posted them all so check back and check out out chatroom and message board ~.^

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alot of quotes that don't make sense
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Drown reviews
apologies for the last-minute title..! and this is an actual serious poem.. suprisingly enough! about doubts/worries..
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not humor? a poem about how pissed i am at idiots who ruin people. aka someone i hope to never see again.
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ode to 4! hehee its in ROMANCE! reviews
romance. lol. R&R! pweaseeeeeeeeeeee? i wrote this in about 5 minutes so whatever your complaints are. they are to be sent to [email protected]
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Mind Games reviews
-O(^*^)OI Had to write a story 4 lang. arts...AND I GOT MARKED DOWN BECASUE 'the problem wasnt solved' AND 'it doesnt relate to real life' >) IF EVERY STORY WAS LIKE THAT THE WORLD WOULD BE A DAMN BORING PLACE!...some ppls didnt understand it...
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O.o' just read it or the pigs of doom will come and eat of ur gooey insides...GOOEY I SAY! MUHA -O(^*^)O
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The Diary Of The Crossdressing Coward reviews
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