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Moment of insight:

Hello Kitty: *bounces up and down*
Iris: What the hell is your problem?
Hello Kitty: *squeaks and wiggles*
Iris: Are you a cat or a freak'n marshmello?
Hello Kitty: *bounces around Iris*
Iris: Where is your mouth...that's it. You better get away from me now or I will indeed eat you.
Hello Kitty: *gives Iris a hug*
Iris: That's it blobby-one. Yer dead. *bites Hello Kitty's head off*
Me: . . . .Er..GO IRIS!

shuffles off* _

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Heya there, mi nombre es Nicole Lauren or to most folks, Nikki. I am an artistic tomboy who loves reading and writing. Sometimes out of touch with reality, sometimes too in depth with reality, it seems I can never win in pleasing everyone so I just live my life my own way. I wish I could say I am some loner who hates society, the 'rents, America and life in general. . . but I am not priveledged enough with that kinda drama. I have my moments of inteligence and wisdom beyond my years but most of the time I prefer to dwell in my creative and insane personality.

I am madly obsessed with Xmen and comicbooks in general to the point most think I am married to Kurt Wagner...Sad really, but not as much as my irrational hatred for Scott Summers aka Cyclops. I don't know what it is, but I have never liked that dude.

I am a Solitary Wiccan and a wolfy-therianthrope. I have very strong opinions concerning religion. Just take a look at some of my essays, lol. The idea of having my views crushed by some pimply little freak isn't that pleasing, so keep yer meany opinions to yerself. (HAH! Like anyone ever listened to those words before.)

However, if you do seek to know more about therianthropy or Wicca, I will be glad to set you in the right direction.
I love animals and have a strange gift with communicating with them. Just ask my muther or the guys down at the farm, lol. The study of animal behavior facinates me and I have the future goals of becoming a mixed animal veterinarian. Possibly a privat-practicing one. I am interested in the holistic-views on veterinary medicine and. . .I could seriously go on and on but I won't.

I am niether a prep nor a punk, simply an individual. It is a known fact that I highly dislike the popularity given to Good Charlotte and have no qualms with Avril Lavigne *cough* but I do suggest that if I ever meet her she best be ready to prove she ain't a poser. *grins* Yes, I am the rare breed of female that can actually skateboard and rollerblade.

Not much else to know about me other then while I love reviewing people's work, I do have a thing about angst and drama. I am not saying I hate stuff like that, only implying that if all yer pieces are about "die this, eternal darkness that." Your better off asking someone with more experience in that department. I honestly can't relate to most teens on this place who go on and on about suicide and hating their parents. Go figure, I'm an individual. v.V'

Name: Nicole Lauren
-Aliases: Nikki, Nik, Nixx, Courage, Buffy,
-Magick name: Faelanah Raining

Age: I am God in my own little world.
-Mental Age: A gifted four year old.

Current Location: A middle of nowhere, Michigan.
-Previous: San Diego, California. (FER THE LAST 13 YEARS!)

Hair: Cherry Coke red.
-Natural: Not a single clue.

Eyes: Four.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn. Power to the fish goats. We can read minds.

Animals who live with me:
-Iris the mutant black kitty with a vegence for straws.

Current Favorite Books:
-Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
-The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest
-Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Curent Favorite Authors or Poets:
-Edgar Allan Poe
-Marion Zimmer Bradley
-J.R.R. Tolkien,
-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.(Damn her...)
-Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Favorite Quotes

-We are all mad here. Every last one of US.

Wanna chat? I would just love to meet you!
*Most cheesiet smile indeed*
Keep in mind though, I am not one to hold up a conversation with a stranger most of the uh...don't make me.
IM me at:
(AIM)Odd Wasabi Girl

Current Incomplete Projects:

Next chapter will be up soon;

Next chapter will be up soon; CHAPTER 3 EDIT UP NOW

OK folks, I am in the brainstorming/ rough draft stage of the first chapter. BEWARE.

Thats all folks! Wanna become a professional stalker? Well now you have all the information you will ever need! Man o man. . .I am SO bored.

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