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"My name's Ilyssa and I'm a Potter-o-holic"
"Hi Ilyssa"

Ok so anyway, I love Harry Potter and all things having to do with it
-Books, characters, movies actors (Dan Radcliffe, Super Sexy! Rupert Grint, Adorabley Auburn! Tom Felton, Herendousley Hot!) The list of actors and cheezy alliterations could go on and on.. but it won't, I bore easily.

So anyway, I only write Harry Potter FanFic. If u ever find anything not Harry Potter from my Username, then I suggest you look up because pigs will probably be flying overhead.

Isn't Harry pretty? He is always described the same "piercing emerald eyes" and "untidy jet-black hair" and when he gets older he has "very handsome features" and "is still short but has filled out considerabley and now has broad muscular chest and shoulders" and bla bla bla. They always make him sound so pretty. He feels pretty, Oh so pretty... (Temporarily breaks out into song from "West Side Story" which is actually pretty fun to imagine if you replace all the characters from it with HP characters)...

Don't mind me, Just had a bit too much butterbeer is all (hehehe... cream soda in a big glass mug that I always picture foaming butterbeer to be in) But I will be back to normal soon, Madam Rosmerta's cut me off. Said I had enough after I called her Draco and said she was pretty fly for a white guy. (Translation= my mom won't let me have anymore soda because I start giggling madly and telling her that even if she has 3 heads, she still make s a dam fine transfiguration professor)

So, are you convinced of my madness? Lol, well I think you will enjoy my writing. Most of it is pretty good, You wouldn;t expect such nice ideas and writing to come from a screwed up mind such as mine but u will be surprised. there are times how ever, when i am feeling particularly tipsy that I write such atrosities as "Harry Potter and The Pimp's Penguin" it is funny, but more than mildly disturbing. Lol read it. i dare you.


-"Do you see him?
-"See who?"
-"Him! Rupert Grint!"
-"Ofcourse I see him"
-"Well, whats he doing?!?"
-"taking a shower."
-"What? Let me see! Give me those!"
-"No! Get your own dam binoculars! Honestly woman, you call yourself his stalker!"

Now do the same thing two more times, for Daniel and Tom.. But Rupert, oh! That firey hair... hehehehe