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I'm very new to Tolkien and even newer to the world of fan fiction, but I'm finding it very enjoyable to see people take characters that you love and give them new life in their stories.

I'm a 20-something English major and I usually just write with my own characters, but after seeing some of the great writing on this site, I thought I'd experiment a little and give this a go. I hope you like what I've done. :)

Uh, I guess I'll add a little more to this to try and make it interesting...

In the way of LOTR, I deffinitely love the hobbits best. I just think they're the greatest characters and I wish Tolkien had written more about them. My favorite is Pippin, because I'm a terrible sucker for the comic relief in stories (even in Shakespeare, I always root for the fool). I also really dig Merry and Bilbo and Sam and Frodo, before things got so dark for him.

On the non-LOTR front, I'm currently listing to Beck's "Sea Change" and Sondre Lerche's "Faces Down." I have no television at the moment, sadly, otherwise I'd probably be watching Kids in the Hall and a lot of documentaries on The History Channel.

Books I feel like recommending at the moment:
"Franny and Zooey" JD Salinger
"Kitchen" Banana Yoshimoto
"Life After God" Douglas Coupland
"100 Years of Solitude" Gabriel Garcia-Marquez
"Ghost World" Daniel Clowes
"The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" Michael Chabon

I'm incredibly bad at returning e-mail in a timely manner, but feel free to e-mail me and I will respond, I just can't guarentee it'll be right away... :)