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Amber: Hi! I'm Amber! Well, no duh. but anyway, for those who don't know me, you can view some of my stuff in story Rika's True Love. It is in Digimon, that is all I do. Also, most of my stories are Ryuki. YAY! GO RYUKI! Everyone, listen up! If you like my stuff, read DigiqueenTMIM's stories! She is very good! Now for some basic info:

Name: Amber

Age: 13 yrs. old

Character in Stories: Known as Amber Kamisaka, with brown hair, brown eyes, and usually, 15-16 years old, depending. Fairly tall.

Other characters: Ashley, and other characters sometimes.

~*List of wierd stuff*~
Since I would definitely like to forget most of this 8th grade year, I will start anew with today.

1) While swimming with Ashley today, she wouldn't shut up about how freezing the water was. So I said: "Imagine you are on a desert island, and you have no water, you are desperate for water." After this, there was a brief pause and we both cracked up laughing. You are stupid if you cannot figure out what we were laughing at.