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Hello to both newcomers and visitors! Please call me Kismet! (Yes, I changed my name. Saikoro wasn't working out for me and on most sites I use the name Kismet, so I figured it was only natural to change it back. Sorry for any confusion.) Basically, I'm here to post my fictions.


"Kurimu!" (Status: Active)

"Twisted Fates" (Status: Reworking plot/characters.)

"Hikarikurayami Hime" (Status: Hiatus)

"Mahoutsukai to Hana / The Witch & The Flower" (Status: Release on hold due to working out plot kinks.)

"Bloody Cross" (Status: Release on hold due to lack of inspiration. XD)

"Asaharu" (Status: Coming soon!)

"The Minuet of an Icy Heart" (Status: Adding the finishing touches!)


Future Projects/Concepts:

Note: It is not definite that I am doing ANY of the concept ideas listed in this section. They are just musings I've decided to post on my profile to give readers an idea as to what my thought process is and/or what I'm working on developing.

Now ordered from most likely to be published to least likely (that or the ideas are still in development).

"Kurimu! 2" - The title may or may not have a subtitle, I haven't fully decided yet. Goddamnit... I told myself over and over and OVER again that I would not do a sequel to Kurimu!... but here I am planning one. I can't get these characters and their lives out of my brain yet, lol. I would put a mini summary, but Kurimu! as of yet is not finished, so I will hold off for now.

"Kashiya!" - A brand new story that takes place in the Kurimu! universe (hence the title similarities). You do not have to have read Kurimu! to understand this, as none of the characters star in this (although there are some brief cameos). Follows a famous group of entertainers called 'Haven' that gains a new member, Inazu, who admires the lead performer, Kashiya. To the public and her co-workers, Kashiya appears to be the epitome of the perfect woman. She is beautiful, wise, thoughtful, funny, and has a cheerful personality. However, shortly after joining Haven, Inazu slowly begins uncovering all of Kashiya's secrets... -True genre is a secret- (GirlxGirl) [I am actually currently writing this, so look forward to it!]

"Kurimu! Reverse" - A prequel to Kurimu! that will tell the following 4 short stories in reverse chronological order:

- Kurimu's life as a genie/siren up until she meets Samantha. (Chapters 4 & 5)

- How Raymiel becomes a siren hunter and meets Aiyuko. (Chapter 3)

- Aiyuko's days as the "snobby popular girl". (Chapter 2)

- Takeya, Yazu, and Imari's backstories. (Chapter 1)

"Bonnie & Clyde Remix" (Title Pending) - A story set in the near-future of a Japanese crime duo based in Tokyo who've been dubbed "Bonnie and Clyde" by the public (partially due to their strict anonymity). However, the roles are slightly reversed from what you would normally expect. This Bonnie is actually the brawn, and Clyde is all of the brains. Will these clever criminals end up stealing all the glory and getting away with their misdeeds? Or will they meet an ill-fated end just like the real Bonnie and Clyde did? -Action/Drama- [Started the first chapter!]

"Chain Link" - Takes place in Italy. Is about a young detective who falls in love with a notorious local criminal. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. In this world, weapons called Chain Links exist. Chain Links are weapons with minds of their own, due to being possessed. The main characters are wielders of these mysterious, dangerous weapons, and it adds a lot of action and drama into the mix. -Action/Romance- (GirlxGirl) [I have a lot of lore on the Chain Links, how battles will operate, and the MAIN plot outlined. But I need to do a bit more research on the locations in Italy it takes place in and fill in some more smaller details (and character bios) before I can start.]

"Demons & Dolls" - Has slight steampunk influences. Will take place in a (fictional) historical version of either London or New York City. Is about a female detective who lives with her two partners: a know-it-all wizard slash kind-of-mad scientist, and a spunky yet perverted half-demon half-human girl who she has sworn to protect with her life. -Action/Drama/Mystery- (GirlxGirl) [Started the first chapter. It's not going well, lol.]

"Doctor Rose" (Title Pending) - Story about a doctor named Juliet Rose who operates her very own self-funded clinic in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. On the surface it seems to be your average medical center. However, Dr. Rose (better known as Julie) has something very scandalous going on beneath the professional facade. Julie is running an underground harem. You see, medicine is all good and fine with her, but not all problems can be solved with chemicals. Thus, Julie prefers to help her "patients" in her own way. However, she will only take female clients. -Comedy/Romance- (GirlxGirl) [All of the characters are pretty well outlined, I just need to figure out the scope of the story and how things will flow. Right now the plot seems too choppy/random in my mind.]

"Carousel" (Title Pending; likely to change) - A recently hired trapeze performer rekindles the flame in the heart of a burned out ex-circus star, stands up to an overly-demanding ringmaster, earns the respect of her fellow co-workers, and ultimately learns that as long as you believe in yourself, you can make any dream come true. -Slice of Life/Romance- [Will elaborate at a later date. Still in development.]

"Myth" (Title Pending; likely to change) - Modern-day tale of humans discovering the existence of all mythological/fairy tale creatures, and the war that ensues because of it. -Action/Drama/Romance- [Will elaborate at a later date. Still in development.]

"Zephyr's Flight" , "Zephyr's Storm" , and "Zephyr's Flame" (Titles Pending; VERY likely to change) - A trilogy focusing on a young female dragon named Zephyr who joins a noble anti-crime organization of dragons (they operate a lot like "secret agents with magical powers" if you will) who fight to protect the world from evil. -Action/Comedy- [Will elaborate at a later date. Still in development.]

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