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What is there to really say about me?

I am an avid writer and reader, spending most of my free days doing one or the other (sometimes both). I enjoy a good supernatural, historical, or modern romance novel, but I'm recently become addicted to supernatural romances. I like many authors. L.J. Smith, Stephenie Meyer, Megan McCafferty, Rachel Hawthorne, Scott Westerfield, Richelle Mead, Chuck Palahniuk and occassionally Meg Cabot. (These were only a few I could think of off the top of my head.) When I'm not writing or reading, you can find me at local concerts and taking pictures wherever I feel inspired. I did have a part time job, but I was laid off. The best part is that while I look for a better source of income, I have more time to write.

I'm twenty-one. My social life used to be in tatters, but I've been getting out more and spreading my wings. It's a great feeling. Still, I'm always looking to strike up lasting friendships with anyone who shares the same love for reading and writing.

While this may not sound very ambitious of thrilling, I aspire to be a published writer in my spare time and to eventually have my very own family. I'd be quite content as a stay-at-home mom that writes novels. If not, I'm sure I'll find my way.

I don't really know how or why I got into the romance genre. I've had absolutely zero relationship experience, which is quite embarrassing when you realize my age. This genre never really appealed to me before, so the only reason I could ever come up with was: because I lack in anything relationship wise, I want to fill this void by writing romance. It makes me feel like I'm not so left out when I can live vicariously through my characters - even if it's only when I'm writing a chapter.

Contact Preferences: (I prefer emails over private messages. FP's system is hard to reply to.)

AIM: uncreativeandrea
EMAIL: fromthemoshpit@

A NIGHT ABOUT BETA READING/EDITING: I am still very much active and willing to take a few projects on. I'd prefer to help with short pieces for now since I will be editing/continuing my NaNo story well into December and the new year. And because I do Plagiarism checks on another site, it could take me a few days to edit pieces. But if you're not in a hurry, feel free to check out my Beta Reader Profile, and send me a PM if you're interested.

A NOTE ABOUT PLAGIARISM: I have seen some of my favorite author's affected by this mass spreading of plagiarism. And it sickens me. Taking an author's hard work, changing the names, and slapping it with YOUR name is stealing. In case you were born under a rock (in which case I'd still assume you'd know right from wrong), stealing is a crime. It is also illegal, and why FictionPress doesn't quite give us the rights we deserve, it doesn't mean you get a free pass to copy anyone's work and pass it off as your own. In case you really were born under the aforementioned rock, there is a little thing called "Published Date" on everyone's stories. And yours won't match up with the original, so unless you like looking like a good-for-nothing thief, I'd say save what little dignity you have left and move on. Grow up. Write your own stories. Guaranteed you'll feel more warm and fuzzy inside knowing that people love your work and not somebody else's. Thank you.

A NOTE ABOUT PLAGIARISM CONTINUED: The moment I have this happen to me, FP is done. You can guarantee I'm NEVER going to post a story I think is worthy of publishing on here ever again. I write because it makes me happy and sometimes it brings joy to others. I should boycott this site just for what it's done to some particularly amazing author's, but I won't. I am going to be very active in searching for plagiarized material and informing the author's. Watch out. You can guarantee I won't be nice. This is your only warning.

A NOTE ABOUT FICTIONPRESS: I'm ashamed and disappointed that plagiarism isn't a bigger issue on this site. I understand it must be a lot of work, but I don't understand how they don't crack down on it. The RIAA cracks down on file sharing sites like crazy because of the illegal content, so it worries me that FP won't do more to protect its writers. I understand it would take a lot of time and effort to redo policies and whatnot, but no one signs up here to be plagiarized. And this site has really bloomed over the years. I can't imagine why more security wouldn't be added. At the end of every posted chapter, it used to say that the material was copyright to such user. And it's been gone for a long time now. Why? Is FP no longer willing to protect its writers from plagiarism? Can't something be done to make this a safer place? It is because of these concerns that I will most likely never post another story here. Maybe it's a cop out because I'm still posting. I don't care. I just think - in the long run - that it is better to separate myself from this site. It's a massive, swirling cesspool of crap. In the famous words of my favorite tiny toons character, "FP go down da hole."

A RETRACTION NOTE: So I made it perfectly clear in the above paragraph that I was no longer going to post here. I think that's a premature decision on my part. I've always loved this site, and I don't want to lose the fan base I've struggled to have. I will continue to post/update. As long as I don't have any direct brushes with plagiarism, I feel I owe that to many of you loyal readers. I'm sorry I suggested it in the first place, and I will start to get a few pieces up as I can.

Resumed in February 2009.

Ruby Porter 1 - Ruby Porter 2

Jude Carlson 1 - Jude Carlson 2

Michael West 1


Completed January 2009.
In process of revision.

Addison Miller

Jonah Everett Jonah Everett 2

Jonah & Addison

In progress.

Bronwyn O'Connor

Tommy & Abby

Jesse McIntyre & Jesse McIntyre 2

Max McIntyre & Norah McIntyre

In progress.


Devlin Devlin 2 Devlin 3



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