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Author has written 3 stories for Young Adult, Horror, and Mythology.

Forgot all about this account until recently. I'll probably not be updating here too often, as I like posting stuff on my writing blog (Altis, the link provided above) more. I'm very private with my writing, as I would like to be published at some point (and LJ allows me to friends-lock things I don't want circulated publically), but am always on the lookout for new friends who can provide constructive criticizm.

Be aware: if you ask I concrit your work, I will be providing constructive crit, meaning it's not going to be all perfumed roses and praise; I will praise what I think is good and harshly judge what I think is lacking. This is how I learn best, and it is how most writers I know flourish. I fancy myself a good beta, if you can get me pinned down and not procrastinating, and a good friend in spite of the procrastination. I also like to think I've trancended normal internet insanity and achieved the special sort reserved only for those who can't stand to read writing unless it has literary merit. Ah, AP English graduates.

Aside from writing I enjoy studing languages (Japanese and French), debating gender and sexuality from the liberal point of view, receiving neck and back rubs; my goal is to find a life partner who enables these things, isn't weirded out by how frequently I regress to fangirl mode, and isn't gay. I suspect one may exist somewhere in the world. Somewhere. If you are this person, please visit my blog. ^_^

Lora and Piig are writing goddesses.Shoebox Project (link: http:///shoebox_project/ because fictionpress is a tool and won't let me add links with html when its hyperlink program goes screwy) is unquestionably better than HP canon; JKR should respect.

Current Projects

Catch-Magic, a trilogy of fantasy novels. Status: halfway through book 1. Location: on Altis , mostly under friends-lock.

Catch-Magic spinoffs; a post-trilogy novel about Kellari nobility and a pre-trilogy novel about the (former) Drashanen Empire. Status: in planning.

Altis Chronicles, a set of 6-or-7 books, and a compilation of shorter backstories. Status: limping along, like it has since I started creating it in '97. Location: bits and scraps may be found on Altis.

The Shortened NaNoWriMo Project 2006, because there is no way I'm finishing 50k while studying abroad in Japan. (Kindly visit http:// and pay respect to us loonies).

And various other, shorter things/stories only vaguely in the planning stage.

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