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The stories have been removed due to plagiarism on I really wish I could have shared them with you.

"Daughter of Whores" is fully uploaded. Add the chauvinistic dystopia of Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, with the sisterhood of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tam, all set in a brothel. Implied sex/rape. A girl grows up in a world were women are servants and/or prostitutes. Surprisingly, it seems to be my most popular story!

Memory's Blade The subject material is a bit heartbreaking and depressing and it was inspired from a nightmare. Don't worry, there is a happy ending. I really like and recommend this story, even though there is no magic. This girl is a true heroine to me, she's got guts and a whole lot of scars and endures a very difficult life. This is rated M for about two chapters in the middle. As for the story: Kurren is a swordswoman with a dark past she must overcome. Xankul seems to be simply a pesky visitor, but each visit brings him uncomfortably closer. Uncover Kurren's struggles through loss, betrayal, corruption and pain to simply survive. (Pay attention to tense changes as this story shifts between past and present between chapters regularly until nearly the end, where it stays in the present.)

"The Innocent" is the slightly lighter prequel to the darker "The Guilty". Both are set in an orphanage of children with powers, hiding from society while trying to become a part of it. Myst and Phoenix plow through life, trying to find peace and happiness along the way. Myst's unknown powers, Phoenix's humanity, and the orphans' antics spin the story through wild loops. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! It's sort of like X-Men, but on a much smaller scale and it actually ends unlike comic books! (P.S. The prologue of "The Innocent" is slow because I can't just into the story right away. Just skim and the following chapters speed up. I promise!)

"The Truth" is probably going to be the last installment of the adventures of Myst and Phoenix and the "Unknown Blessings" orphanage. It is shorter than "The Innocent" and "The Guilty" but I think it is important that you read those two before you read "The Truth". Either way, this installment is answering all those unanswered questions from the first two stories. It has its soft moments and its gut-wrentching moments, but I love it and I hope you love it too.

"Tenth Muse" poses this what if: what if there was a tenth muse? If she existed, why isn't she in any of the texts? What if this muse inspires not poetry, but suffering? What if the gods we study in history exist today? What if they could live among us, interact with us? What if Cupid went missing?

"Witchmother" is another close friend's favorite because of the 'meat', as she put it. It is my remake of 'Cinderella' story, as well as other clichéd fairy tales. Think of it like this: you wanted a fairy godmother, but she's out fishing. You got a winter witch instead, and it's summer. Magic goes awry, but attitude never falters. The prince doesn't know how to deal with people, and doesn't know how to dance. Same poor Cinderella, but she's disfigured. Magic is only illusions if it does not help someone for the better.

"The Crippled Magician"is one of the stories I have planned for a loosely linked series of disabled magic workers. In this one, Claire struggles to maintain her life as magician teacher while Prince Linden's advances threatens her usual life, as well as her health.

"Drift" is about a creature going to earth and learning of our customs while trying to hide her true identity and understand the human character. The plot is very simple, so simple that I almost don't like it..

"Soulless" asks "What would happen if you didn't have a soul?"

"Rescue" is about several types of rescue, of an individual of another, and of a people of other people.

"The Crippled Magician" is one of the stories I have planned for a loosely linked series of disabled magic workers. In this one, Claire struggles to maintain her life as magician teacher while Prince Linden's advances threatens her usual life, as well as her health.

"The Lies of the Mages" is set in the Mageworld like "Scandal of the Mages", but it includes a new set of characters and new situations (the two are completely independent of each other, I didn't even consider which came first, etc.). Zelire is disguised as a male, calling herself Lies because she is an Illusion Master. She gets herself entangled in a blind prince's life, and you know how crazy life gets after you add royalty to the mix. It much shorter than "Scandal", like a twelveth (1/12) of the length, and you don't need to know "Scandal" to enjoy this.

"After the Legend" is not Disney's 'happily ever after' version of Mulan. It is what happened, according to one legend,after she arrived home. Bit depressing. And I personally do not think like the Emperor.

"Sacrifices" is exactly what the summary says it is. (Sorry, I can't do better than that.)

"An Immortal's Suicide"is a really short sketch of an idea I had. Depressingly deep.

"The Bride" is my flip on the idea of an arranged marriage. It focuses on not knowing the whole picture, who arranged the marriage, who you are being married to, how the two strangers could live together. It's really short and surprisingly has a male as the narrator!

"Beastly Beauty" My attempt to change Beauty and the Beast. The plot is fairly simple, but detail oriented (as, I think, most of my pieces are) and only fifteen pages. It's a lot more romance-ish than my other works, but there isn't a single romantic kiss. No sex either. I have gotten a lot of comments that it has a very modern voice and that the story is not one of my best (not 'me'). I'm sorry about that. I tried to redo it to remove the modern speech, but it lost a spark when I did. So yeah, the modernism is just my voice. Sorry, I can't remove my own voice. As for the not 'me' comment, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go all lovey-dovey. I'll find my violent, dark, gore-y, scary, etc. streak soon, I hope.

Runaway”was edited as of 8.12.05.It's depressing. It's the first long-ish short story I wrote. Because it was written in 9th grade, and full of teenage angst and with semiautobiographical reflection, I threw a lot of myself into the story. Probably too much because it reveals a lot. It is mostly fiction, however. The action/plot was from my imagination. It’s bittersweet (more bitter than sweet), and may require tissues for the humane.

Scandal of the Mages is fully uploaded, finally! It is a journey through two generations of mages and their struggles with their powers and the people around them. This was my second long work, and my longest work to date. I withdrew myself from this story as much as I could, so it goes into the characters' lives, rather than showing you my life through the characters. Viridian is trying to be the first female Worldly Master. David is trying to keep up with her in this new world. Together they will face her past, his life in the Mageworld, betrayal, murder (where David is guilty until proven innocent), love and jealousy. Dragoness will face other challenges: finding a 'first' for herself, proving worthy of titles, as well as keeping her secrets hidden, and facing unrequited love and all-knowing dragons.

"Human" and "Baby" and "America" and "Poem to Abusers, Rapists, Murderers and the Like"are the only poems I have uploaded onto I think I may upload more because of the great response I got for "Human".It seems I hit a rough nerve with "America", which I think was my intention. "Baby" is my angst toward relationships, a bit violent, but I'm always a bit violent.

Getting Through the Hall" is really short, and realistic fiction. Teenage angst in the right place.

"Regime Change" centers on a revolt between the castaways of society, and the great hierarchy. The secret weapon is a single boy, who will right the wrongs, and take the Ashtras further than they could ever dream. This is one of the few stories that revolves around a male having magical powers. Usually I'm a feminist, haha!

"My Father's Smile, My Mother's Pin" is one of my closest friend's favorite. A strong willed and clever girl with guts of steel will stop at nothing for her freedom, even when it runs through a King and an arranged marriage. (It was published in the first issue of the teen literary magazine called "Surrounded" in summer 2006.)

Humble Vanity the main character is a lone male. Of course, he is down on his luck. A fire scars him and an uncompassionate witch closes the door in his much more cruel can you get?

"Killing Shadows" is my only attempt to write with a main character who is African-American (okay, just like two mentions of darker skin). This began as a written daydream about destroying someone who had hurt someone I love. But as a story, it's so much cooler. Dowsha commands the shadows to rid the world of sinners, one at a time.

Women of the Blood is set in a world with women who can enchant their blood, becoming something close to goddesses. But they are sold, like property. One girl learns of a life beyond being a political tool. And that will make all the difference.

The Plain Sorceress please do not judge all my writing on this work. It is one of my earlier attempts to write fantasy, and changing a fairy tale. It's a more primitive version of "Witchmother" but playing on the "Frog Prince" idea.

I also have some ideas for rainy days (meaning they are not good enough now, but I will be working on them during the summer--seeing as I have nothing else planned.):

Note: If you really like one of these concepts, email me or IM me and tell me so. Maybe that'll boost my muse.
With the common incident of arranged marriages: "How to be a Queen" (not finished. Ideas sort of stopped and the plot isn't dense enough for my taste--as most of you know, my plots are multi-layered despite focusing on two characters at most).
"Being God"(inspired from a daydream) is left on the back burner because I have not a clue where to go with it.
"Traditions" in a sci-fi Brave New World-esque society where men have two wives, one for mental satisfaction (Intellect), one for bodily pleasures (Siress). This, of course, will be through the voice of the Intellect. I've actually sort of researched this (asked males on their opinion on the believability, plot, etc.).Unfortunately, it is rather mushy, so I've stopped writing for it at the moment.
In "Succubus" (working title) I attempt to screw with fairy tales again, but I can't think of any way to ruin the fairy tales I haven't used yet.
"Sightless Journey" is about a blind witch. I know where I want to go with it, I know what I want to do with the plot. I just have college to handle.
"Mute Destiny" is about a mute magic worker with a past that keeps her linked to a magician she cannot trust.
"Bound" is about two societies, the Bound and the human, living side by side in interdependence, but on the edge of war when the murders of a Bound, leads to the death of a human leads to some serious trouble.
"Button A, Button B" (working title) is about the struggles of a young girl trying to find the side she belongs, Dakir or Ryder, government servant or rebel.
Finally, there is an untitled sequel to "Witchmother" but that also reached a dead end/ writer's block.

Long Live Dragons (Not the sports team, the mythical creatures.)
Most importantly, enjoy my stories.

Comments and critiques are most welcome. I will try to return the favor, but I'm a sophomore in college (from NYC public school to one of the Seven Sisters holy -bleep-) and I have an internet curfew (as well as a bedtime (yes I'm nineteen years old with a bedtime curfew. But it helps me think up story ideas while I'm staring at the ceiling so...heh)). In other words, pardon my rudeness please. It may take a while. I greatly appreciate my well-educated audience in pointing out my errors. I am, despite all my attempts to make it otherwise, human.

Until next time,

Muted Dragon

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