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They call me Lourdes and I am 21 years young. I like to write - as a hobby - and am most likely hated by my reviewers for not updating in so long // I am a busy woman, juggling a job and school but thats not really an excuse, I suppose. I am very thankful for everyone supporting me up to now, even when I do not stick to my word (as in updating my stories). I tend to get writer's block, and am very lazy...but I'm sure a lot of people are...right?


I do appreciate you guys reviewing.

I do try to review reviewers who review me - but I cant make any promises because of my horrible memory

I do take time to read each and every review, so go ahead and drop a comment.

I do like flamers, because you guys just make my life so fun and enjoyable ; giving me hate reviews is the whole point of being a writer - everyone loves a critic.

I do like food


I dont like backstabbers

I dont like rude and obnoxious people, but for some reason I seem to be drawn to guys like that...

I dont like plagiarizers - no one does - unless you're kind of weird like that...

I dont like my computer

I dont like...you...



The Secret: Bentley High is just your typical high school with the jocks and rich kids, and the nerds and outcasts. Sarah Tachikawa being one of the latter. The most picked on nerd/outcast that ever roamed the halls of Bentley High. Adam Lee, Perfect Extraordinaire. Looks, money, intelligence, and the athletic ability. Adam, who has made Sarah’s life a living hell is about to make it even worse. Being witness to a scene causes Adam to see this nerd’s true colors. Sarah, afraid of her secret being exposed, now has to do everything the bane of her existence says. Everything. Can these two find love in each other before Adam has a change of heart and exposes her secret?

Second Chance: He was a stranger who took her first kiss and walked away with her heart. She was only a nerd to him, nothing more. Used only for her intelligence to help him get into a good college. That is…until the day he was drunk and left her pregnant with his three kids. Both would never have expected to run into each other after eight, long years. What's worse, the very fate of her company and family now rest in this man's hands. Will these two be able to love each other, something they thought was impossible years ago? Or will they forever be cold towards each other?

Secrets equals Slave: He is the resident university pretty boy with money, intelligence, and of course, arrogance. No one has ever dared to cross the path of Ben Li...all except her, the new 'goody-goody' of Sacred Heart University. Blackmailing has been brought up to a whole new level…


The Secret: *Hiatus*

Second Chance: *Hiatus*

Secrets equals Slave: *Hiatus*



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