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Hey ppls. First time actually making an account for . Anywayz, here's some basic stuff 'bout me.

Name:Yuxin Xie *points to website* That should have made it obvious...



Hobbies:Drawing and reading

Favorite Animes and characters:
.hack//SIGN-Tsukasa (Hey! I've only watched the first episode!)
Yu-gi-oh!-Malik and Otogi(got a billion drawing of these two)
Zoids (all three)-Bit Cloud(More in the beginning than in the end. He seems to loose his touch of luck during the last few episodes)
Digimon(All four)-Yama-chan(01,02), Ruki(03), Jenrya(03), Kouichi(04), Kouji(04)
Cowboy Bebop-Ed(no I am -not- writing her whole name)
Yu*Yu*Hakusho-Kurama(both forms)
Fuushigi Yuugi-Chichiri
Inuyasha-Fluffy(a.k.a Sesshomaru)and Inuyasha
Gundam Wing-No idea. Too many to choose from...
Trigun- Knives(^^ insane-psycho-hell-spawn!!) and Legato (kewlness!! How he like had the person kill himself by pulling his own heart out and having those guys kill each other without every physically touching any of them)
Rurouni Kenshin- Seta Soujirou (smiling smiling smiling...disturbing) and Saitou (It's funny to see him ridicule Sano so harshly)

Favorite Video Games and characters:
Kingdom Hearts- None actually. Just like the game
Zelda-Same as above

Lack of Imagination(yeah and I'm here. No, I don't why)
Humour(Can't write it for my life)
Mathematics(Majority of my time doing this stuff is staring the problem down and hoping for some miracle to happen so I can remember how to solve it)
Memory(At least everyone says so)
Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics(And I'm in Literature. Pitiful right?)
Adding notes and comments after everything I write(When I'm writing stories I tend to write them at the bottom of the page so you can just skip over them. Counts for drawing too, more so than writing cuz i haven't really written anything i liked yet.)
Telling exactly what you didn't need to know (heh. more so to annoy my friends than anything, but it gets stuck sometimes)
Signing in without typing in my password (did that like three times today, in a row. oO??)

Muses: Don't even have enough imagination to create an original one

Favorite Story Genre(s):
-Really- good humour(just 'cuz I can't write it doesn't mean I can't read it)
Magic(fits into Fantasy but i'm counting it on its own)

Ermm... Yeah, that's all right? I think... Two friends on this network thingy. Wolfmoon131(really cool fantasy and sci-fi stories) and tsunamimbw ( she has a different one for fictionpress though i don't know it. just your basic anime obsessed teen)
Got a Xanga and Diaryland thingy. Both are seriously screwed so I advise you not to go there but if you're desperate enough here the url's:
http:///home.aspx?user=BlackIce (

If Only reviews
Lucifer's journal as we follow his journey from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell. His story. *Re written a tad*
Fiction: Biography - Rated: K+ - English - Spiritual/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,765 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 5/24/2003 - Published: 5/16/2003