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hMmMm... AbOuT mE...

WeLL, 1ST oF aLL i'M FeMaLe.
I CuRReNTLY LiVe iN PeRTH, WeSTeRN auSTRaLia BuT i WaS BoRN iN PHiLZ!!! ^_^
CaN'T DiSCLoSe MY aGe, aLL i CaN SaY iS THaT i'M NoT oVeR 20 ^_^ (WeLL NoT YeT):p
LeT'S See, i'M KiNDa SHY aT FiRST BuT NoT oNCe You GeT To KNoW Me. ^^;
u CaN aDD Me iF u HaVe HoTMaiL oR YaHoo iF You'Re NiCe ;) eHeHeHe...
i'M aLSo aSPiRiNG 2 MaKe MY oWN MaNGa N aNiMe SoMeDay. u CaN CHeCK THiS WeBSiTe 2 C iF MY DRaWiNGS R oK:


FaVe aNiMe (NoT aRRaNGeD BY MoST 2 LeaST FaVe):
iNu YaSHa, CaRDCaPTor SaKuRa, Yu Yu HaKuSHo, SLaYeRS, SaBeR MaRioNeTTe J, FuSHiGi YuuGi, aYaSHi No CeReS, KaMiKaZe KaiTou JeaNNe, SaiLoR STaRS, TRiGuN, DRaGoNBaLL Z, ViSioN oF eSCaFLoWNe, X, HuNTeR X HuNTeR, BuBBLeGuM CRiSiS: ToKYo 2040, oRPHeN, RuRouNi KeNSHiN, SHaMaN KiNG, GaLaXY aNGeL, CHoBiTS, NeoN GeNeSiS eVaNGeLioN, RaNMa 1/2, GuNDaM WiNG, LoST uNiVeRSe, eTC... (HeHeHe... Too MaNy To MeNTioN :p)

FaVe MaNGa (NoT aRRaNGeD BY MoST 2 LeaST FaVe):
iNu YaSHa, CHoBiTS, TSuBaSa:ReSeRVoiR CHRoNiCLeS, X/1999, NeoN GeNeSiS eVaNGeLioN, KaMiKaZe KaiTou JeaNNe, RaNMa 1/2, SLaYeRS, FuSHiGi YuuGi, aYaSHi No CeReS, eTC... (aLSo Too MaNy To MeNTioN HeHeHeHe... :p)

WoRKS 2 B aDDeD SooN (MaKe THaT VeRY SooN ^^;):

I've been so busy and stressed for the past few months so i haven't been able to update any of my works. But as for updates...

Overload: Data 3 - DONE!!!
Data 4 - Coming Soon

Decisions: *COMPLETE*

Rei: Chapter 5 - DONE!!!
Chapter 6 - Coming Soon

Genie No Nazo: Chapter 2 - DONE!!!
Chapter 3 - Coming Soon

Change of Heart: Chapter 1 - Coming Soon

For any questions or comments, either leave me a review or e-mail me. All questions will be answered. But I dunno if it's the answers you are looking for. ^_^

NeWz!!! -- Gomen pplz ^^; I've been in such a major slump that I never even bothered going on fictionpress for... 4 months O_o !!! OMG!!! It was that long??? Ehehehehe... I must've been in one hell of a slump ^^; I will try to update my stuff... I dunno when ^^; The only page that seems to get updates from me is deviantart (where I upload my drawings). Gomen again ^^ and a super SORRY to those whose works I never got to read and review ^^

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