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December 14, 2008

It has been almost 6 years since I first joined I joined only several months before became its own entity. I've been through a lot, graduating high school, going to college, pledging a sorority, falling in and out of some serious infatuation, and of course reading a ton. Yet, since I have come to college I have only written sparingly. However, I miss writing, but it seems many other things get in the way. I'm currently still an undergraduate, but also a graduate student at the same time, going to school for my masters and a teaching certification in social studies.

My stories are still close to my heart and I still smile when I receive notifications about reviews or favorite story/author adds. Writing was a big part of my high school life, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for college. Maybe, I can get back on track and begin writing again. I'm thinking about taking a creative writing course next semester; however, I'm worried my ego will be seriously bruised. But, how can I expect to get better? Or locate my MIA muse?

About me

I'm 21 years old, and I am in my 4th year at a NJ college. As I said above, I'm also in the midst of a graduate program where I will receive my master's after 5 years, as well as a teaching certification in social studies. Next fall, I will be student teaching somewhere in NJ (I'm still debating about staying on-campus versus living at home). In May 2009, I will earn my BA in history as well as certification in historic preservation. I am employed as a tour guide for my school where I have met some amazing people, as well as some others who changed my college experience more than they will ever know. I've found that sometimes reality can be better than fiction (or rather more fcked up).

I am a big fan of Facebook and I spend most of my time either on there or writing papers for my many history classes. Some nights you can find me at the random college bars on campus, making bad decisions or creating good stories (whichever label you prefer). I spent the first two years of my undergraduate career as a shy, bookworm kind-of-girl. Yet, these past years, I have radically changed, in good ways and bad ways. Every now and then, I get nostalgic for my high school years, but I have had an amazing experience at college and it is quickly coming to an end. One more semester, and I will be a full-fledged college graduate. Good thing I'm still around for another year.

Completed Stories

Delia and the Laird - My first completed work. I wrote it 3 years ago and it's like my baby. It's a time travelling story where a girl, Delia, goes back to the 1200s in the Scottish Highlands.

Will You Remember Me? - My second completed story that I wrote at over the summer before my junior year. It's probably one of my favorites, because I just love Ethan and Aimee together.

Daughter of Isis - I wrote this 2 years ago, and it's another time travelling piece; I love my Benji in this one! It took me the longest to write this one.


Daughter of Isis II - This follows Alessandra's daughter, Olivia, as she goes back to around the same time as her mother did. I have some ideas but the writing is kinda slow.

Good Girl - This was random that I just started. I have no idea where it's going. I think I started it in anticipation of my first year at college.

For A Reason - My sequel to Will You Remember Me? which follows Nat on his "journey." It's kinda on hiatus right now, but I have gotten some ideas.

Short Stories

All my short stories were either written for special occasions (i.e. Christmas) or they were assignments I had to do in class. However, I still really like them all.

All my stories are really close to my heart. I hope one day to be published. My future story options include a piece that takes place during the American Revolution, Ancient Greece, and one in the Celtic areas around the time of Roman invasion. I'm a history nut. :)


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