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Kestrel: No you're not seeing a complete stranger! It's us! KESTREL-KIKARU-KAYLA! ...With a different name of course. I hope you continue to read our works as we continue to write. I also hope that the name change doesn't deter you from reading our things.

Kestrel: Can I just say something? There is actually THREE people on this account... It's not just one person with split personalities. Take notice of the tags of who writes which poem or story.

Kestrel: Okay so my previous name on the other account was Nahlee. And here are a few basic facts about me. I'm 15 and I live in Australia... Ugh. I have a very big vampire obsession... Then again I have a lot of obsessions... But Vampires are like the number one on the list... Yeah I change the number one around a lot but you know deep in my heart it's the vampires that rule the number one spot. If you were to scroll down... You'd mainly see my works. That's because I write what I feel... And sometimes I might be feeling a little shiiaty and I'll go on a poetry writing spree... Ugh. I also write stories as well. I hope you enjoy reading my works. Oh! Can I also just thank Dai G for being our number one reviewer? XD Count on her to change a lonely zero up to something! GO DAI G!

Kestrel: Here's a link to my online journal thingy, if you're really bored you can go there and see what i'm up to when i'm not writing poems and updating o.o

Senki: Hey! Remember me? I'm Kikaru. I changed my name back to Senki for many many reasons. I'm thinking of putting Kikaru in a story actually but anyway, I'll just re-talk about myself. I'm fourteen, and come from Australia (NO, WE DON'T CHASE KANGAROO'S IN OUR UTES!). I like anime, manga, Final Fantasy, and the RED RIBBON ARMY. They deserve to be in all caps at all times. Don't ask me why. They just do.

Kestrel: Oh hey Senki asked me to give her link too ^^ http:///~Senki/

Bimbo: Ciao! I'm Kayla, and I believe 'bimbo' describes me perfectly! Wakakakaka. I am 14, from Australia, and fly to the moon everyday. I like drama, writing and driving my friends nuts. Most people would describe me as the evil, bimbotic blonde with black hair. Why? I don't have a clue! I just do and say stupid things sometimes. Sometimes. Well anyway! I hope you all enjoy my work in this account and PLEASE give me some feedback! :D

Kayla now has an individual account. So if you would like to check out the works of the author of the ever popular Outcast click here to check her out.

-- The rest of the bio over this line is unspeakably outdated.

Kayla:(bows) Well, well, well... it took me a while...but i finally got here! Be proud, be very proud...kestrel, stop laughing...i AM known as the DITZY BIMBO...y'know...uhhh...i'm completely new at this so i seriously have got no idea of what i've gotten myself into...but anyway...i am here to keep Kestrel company in this "circle of three"...if you think my style is horrible, i won't hate you for your opinion...but PLEASE, PLEASE, i'm on my knees begging you...BE GENTLE!!! wakakakakaka...please get used to that...because, as weird as it sounds, that's my laugh...Anyway, i think i've typed enough, and to think i had nothing to say five minutes ago... so sit back, relax and ...wait until i have something posted...won't be long!!! Ciao!!..for now...btw...Kestrel...did i detect a hint of sarcasm...above?!

Kayla: ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!! I've been trying and trying, to the point of insanity, to upload my next chapter!!! It's still not working!!!!!!! I am soo sorry you guys...i'll just keep trying!!!!

Kikaru: I know how you feel. I had to spend about three hours trying to upload this story I just wrote onto here and it still won't work! *punches wall* Well..g'luck gettin' yours on.

Kayla: thanks! *kisses wall* It's finally working!

Kestrel: Can i ask a question? Why do you guys treat the profile like a chat room o.o...?

Kayla: Why not?!

Kestrel: It takes ages just to get down to the actual entries x.x You'd think the whole page is a profile. Ooh can i ask a favour of some readers? -.-; If you see a typo in a story or a poem you read on this account, can you please mentally correct them?? It'd help us a lot x.x I know a few people who sit there and nit pick at the mistakes in my story x.x It hurts to know i made so many XD

Kayla/Bimbo: I'm a bit grumpy today because there are some people who have conveniently forgotten that there are actually THREE people on this account. i know that i have no business to butt into whatever personal conflict is between you guys but please keep in mind that by using the reviewing system to tell a member of this account off, affects ALL of us. So please, next time if you want to let off some unChristian-like steam, do it on an A to B basis. Cheers!

Hi this is Kestrel of Dying Reflection. From this point onwards I'll be writing under another name. And that includes moving ALL of my work to the new account regardless of losing all my reviews. I'm going to be updating various stories and changing them around a bit. This includes completed ones such as:


"Dear Bryony"

"Ivory Moon"

"Breathe for Me"

They will all have various changes in them, so if you've been following, IF, then you might want to take the chance to read them again.

I'll also be moving my hundred and something poems over to the new account. They too will be updated.

The link to the new account will be posted soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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