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So. Here are the facts:

i) I am a chocolate addict. And that is not simply because I do not possess testicles. I am Dutch, and thereby was born a chocolate lover. Ah, the happy truth is revealed.

ii) I am a hopeless romantic. It's quite tragic, really. Especially when you realize that that old (para)phrase "It doesn't happen in real life the way it does in the movies and stories" is so horribly true.

iii) I love reading, writing, singing (especially in the shower..although that is preferable when I actually sound good and when I know that chances of people hearing me are slim), dancing (my friends find it amusing at the mall.. "All she wants to do is dance!!"), and having a good laugh. I have lots of energy and I enjoy being a moron with my friends.

iv) As I said, I'm Dutch. (That, by the way, is not one of my facts.) From this, many could presume that I am also tall. They would be right. My short friend (as though I only have one.. haha) calls me an Amazon. Granted, she also calls me a Viking, but that is unrelated. For those of you who are creeping away with your tails between your legs.. I am not a monster of a tall person. 5'10'' is quite reasonable. The reason I mention this is because it seems to be so much a part of my identity that it seems absurd to leave this fact out.

v) With my inexhaustible supply of energy also comes immeasurable amounts of passion. I'm afraid my life and identity is navigated by and poured into my emotions and I'm okay with that. I should add that I am not an angry tall non-monster. I'm actually quite level-headed. Once after an exam I was so infuriated with the way that I felt it had gone that I decided on my walk back to my room that I would probably want to throw something at the wall upon my return. You know, because throwing things is usually quite therapeutic and so on. So I thought, "Well, I could throw my pencil case, because it is quite light and will not damage anything and will not in the process of being thrown be damaged. ...I should probably take my watch out then, so that it isn't broken. This way, I can throw something that will hit the wall with a satisfying noise (i.e. Thwap! Thump! Bang!) and feel better and nothing will be hurt or broken." And so, immediately upon entering my room, I hurled my pencil case at the wall. I didn't even take my shoes off first. (Probably a good thing, too, or chances are those would have gone flying as well, with less-satisfying results.) And that is why I am level-headed. =D

Regardless, I am generally a very happy person. I spent most of the time that I am laughing laughing at myself. I don't read or watch sci-fi because I simply don't think I could follow it or be entertained by it. Although I did get hooked on Andromeda for a brief period last year..

vi) I am hooked on Disney. (Haha, gotcha.. thought I was going to say "Hooked on Phonics" didn't you??) I used to have a crush on Simba. No word of lie. ...Actually, come to think of it, I probably still do. Whoever said all your growing up had to be done by the time you hit twenty? (Cripes that makes me sound old. Boo.)

vii) I think I probably make up a new word or phrase every time I have a discussion with friends. Made-up words are just so darn handy. Made to order and perfectly suited to what you want to say and so on.

So, folks, to wrap this up, here is my "advice section" (since they always ask people (notice how vague that is) to give pointers or wisdom or whatever and I like to flatter myself and say that I am important and so on and force people to listen to me play Wise Woman of the Forest).

-- Don't waste time being cranky, if possible. Although, admittedly, sometimes being grouchy is easier than being cheerful. But it is a wasteful use of energy that could be put to better use. For example, doing the Macarena (no idea if that is spelt properly and I'm not going to spend precious moments checking) or making a pretty macaroni-glued-to-coloured-paper picture for your mommy (or daddy - you know.. whichever). =D

--Drink lots of water. Your body is seventy percent water, people. Think about that. And don't eat so much salt. It likes water too much.

--And remember, kids.. "Don't you put it in your mouth (Don't you put it in your mouth), Till you ask someone you love (Till you ask someone you love), If it's okay to eat (If it's okay to eat), Like a muffin or a beet! (Like a muffin or a beet!)..." And so on and so forth. You know, I only just realized how dirty that first part sounds. Good Lord. Enough of that. Don't play with needles, how's that? ..Sure sounds better than "Don't you put it in your mouth".

"And that is the weather report for this afternoon, on to Dave with the water-skiing squirrel special."


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