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Huh.. ?! You want to know something about me?!

WHAT?! GEEZ Don't you think going outside could be funnier?!

OOOoo... It's raining... Sorry then

Well if you really want to know...


I'm 16 years old
I'm a girl...
I usually write in french (that's why my english sucks...)
I have brown, blond, copper hair...( don't ask)
My eyes are green with some yellow... Sometimes gray... sometimes brown (yuk)
I'm not really tall (5"6) (~168 cm...~)
I see myself twice as big as I am...
I love winter.
But I prefer autumn
I hate summer
And I don,t care about spring...
I can use one hand's fingers to count the times I went in my pool last summer.
I only smile when it's needed...
I'm trying to learn japanese ( and currently succeding...)
And i'm trying not to fall asleep right now.
I believe there's something after death, but I can't believe it's god..
But I respect those who believe in a higher force.
I believe there's some people that can see futur/spirits.. but I DON'T think those person sell their services for 3 $ in a cheap place
(sorry again for those doing it... Maybe i'm mistaking and you really have some strong psychic powers...)

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