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*NOTE*: This is very important. During the duration of working at Blockbuster, I have an obligation, if I am to write, authorize, or invent anything, I have to inform them, or they find out on there own. They can take anything I create during my working period with them, and sell it, without any further payment to me. So, for that matter. I will have to post-pone any writing on here until I no longer am employed by them. So, If you want to read anything that I create, that is if you like what I have written. Email me at . I will continue writing, but I cannot have anything copywritten, for the fact that they might find it, and steal it basically. But tell me if you want me to continue with The Verdict. Or if you want to read any poetry I may write in the future. I am sorry about this, for the people who don't have time. But Atleast I know my story was read for a short period of time. Thank you my dear readers for being so kind and devoted to me, if that is what you call it. Again, please email me if you have any further questions, or want to read any of my works.



Heylo everyone. I am 18, female. I live in California. A little about myself... There is nothing. lol. Im just little old crazy me. I know. lol.. Aren't we all, right? I love well every kind of music. But at the moment, I am listening to Evanescence. It kind of fits the mood I am in, for the moment at least. My favorite movie has to be Donnie Darko. It is just a wonderful story and it's done so wonderfully. I love reading. The last book I read was Superstitions by R.L Stine. So yea. I am going on to read There is no death there is no dead. It's written based on EVP. If you know what that is. Which you probably would. I am a complete nerd sometimes.

Well.. My story The Verdict isn't at all popular. But oh well. I like writing it, so there. It's a bit hard to explain. The Summary in the first chapter is so much better than what I have up as the actual summary. Which is sad. I should fix that, but Oh well. Read it if you like. It's not fantasy, which I know most love fantasy, but sorry, I'll do that for my next work.

My poetry, is completely different. I never write anything happy or good. I am the good old fashioned thriller girl. Which is good for some I suppose. My poems tend to be very dark and usually depressing. I love that about my peoms. But I am never happy with my work, which is why I have it up here so that any who may like it can tell me, and if you don't tell me anyway... Lovely contructive criticism.

Well I will give the same respect you give me, you read mine and I read yours... sounds like a good compromise I think...

have a lovely day!

PS: if you feel the need to reach me, and I will not mind if you do... contact my email..or
AIM: BrdgMnk

Moon-Chaser- She has wonderful writing talent, and she is just so nice. Not that she can't be a hardass I'd bet. But go check out her works!

Beepz- She is great with writing, better than I am, I'm sure. Go check her work out! GO NOW!

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