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Hullo, people! Since you wasted your time to check out my account, I'm going to make sure you waste even more reading about mwah. Hahaha...

My middle name is Cassandra. Thus, cassandra26. I'm so lame. I can't even make up a good pen name, no?

I'm 5' feet one. And I'm already going sixteen...yes, I'm petite. NOT short.

I have black-brown hair and even blacker eyes. I study in a private school where there are so many stupid rules. No hair gel, no tuck out uniforms, no bringing of cellphones, and mostly no everything. (Except, of course, for the books. Christian school, you see.)

I live in a very small country that most of you never heard about. Theres not much here actually, I'd rather be in Canada or any other country. It sucks here, really. (Ha-ha! I forgot I am going to Canada this year.)

Wanna know where...?

Well, kay. Haha...

I live in the very small islands that make up the country...Philippines!

I'm a hundred percent chinese, but really have this awefully dark skin because it's SO hot in this country...(I'm exaggerating, I just have a tan, but Chinese are known for their porcelain skin and...I'm kinda depressed I don't have one!) I admit, I'm not good at chinese! Just know the very easy words like love, happy, eat, drink...and err...stuff.

The good thing is I can speak three languages! English, Filipino, and Chinese! That is, if you can still call my 'broken' Chinese which no proper human being could undertsand a language. So, yeah...

I love reading books too. My interests range from sappy, heartbreaking, humorous, fantasy to history, sciences and the likes. And some Christian biographies. So I mostly read everything. But now that I'm getting older...I think books are losing me fast. It's a big world out there, and compared to it books aren't so big. Haha. Okay, so maybe I'm talking nonesense.

I'm also a Christian and is very serious about my relationship with God. Christianity is really true, people!! ü

What else?

Feel free to email me.
Idon't bite...unless you're junk food.

So please do! Even if it's to just chat about something that's totally unrelated to anything..

I'm a very good girl, you know. Honest!

p.s. if anyone wants me to add something to my bio...just review me or something.


If you want a really good BOOK to buy or borrow at the library, try Judith McNaught. (She's a topnotcher, I tell you.) Her "Something Wonderful" made me cry and laugh at the same time. She's a divine romance author, although most of her stories are of 18th century...where ball gowns and prince charmings reign! Woo! (I think she's really old now...but hopefully not yet dead.)

And 'Purpose-Driven Life' by Rick Warren. That book made me think like no other.

Hey, no one's paying me to put these stuff up!

But if someone does want to pay me, then...

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Not What It Seems reviews
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