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-My Profile-

Gender: Male.

Age: 19 years, 4 months.

Height: About 5'8.

Weight: A miserable 127 pounds, about 20 pounds short of a desirable weight.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Occasionally Cleveland, though less frequently now.

Natural Hair Color: Brown. Dark, or maybe light, depending on what I've used to wash it.

Eye Color: Hazel, with just a touch of green.

Nationality: Caucasian, rooted in various European ethnicities but basically just an American bastard,

Religous Affilation: No affiliation.

Popularity: I am liked by people, but my social network is not very broad. I'm okay with selectivity but would like to include more people in my life.

Love Interests: Currently none.



Personality: A tangled web of conflicting emotions. Some days I feel like all of the universe is working together to make my life amazing, other times I feel like it is conspiring against me. I range from quiet and contemplative to hyperactive and impulsive. I am perpetually addicted to coffee and we are often seen together.

Generic School Label: No real labels that I am aware of. I am generally looked upon as kind of mysterious, sometimes quiet, depending on the person. Someone once said that I looked like a serial killer. Someone else recently told me that I looked like the kind of student who would randomly open fire.

Generic Online Label: Heretic. I still visit Christian messageboards.

~Fears and other neuroses~

I have some fears. Judgment (which I blame on the church), bees and other buzzing, stinging, creepy looking bugs (fireants don't count, they don't buzz and aren't creepy looking), and vomit/vomiting are the main ones. I am a fairly stable person at the moment, except for undiagnosed ADHD which is driving me crazy and making me not write.

~My Hobbies~

Writing: When I do write, I usually journal or write fiction. My current project, 'The Unfamiliar', is a parable which was inspired by the unpredictability and illusory quality of life, which compelled me to look for wisdom and fulfillment in the places most would least expect to find it. The story follows the character of Ravin Belsough as he becomes alienated from his culture, yet is abandoned by everything he hopes will save him from it. It is a story of love, betrayal, and other such tired themes.

Reading: It is really hard for me to finish books, or even get very far in them, but I like theology, philosophy, and occasionally self-help, if I can turn my cynicism off long enough, and really good literature (it has to be good).

Internet: I read blogs: (a lot of different subjects related to personal development; this website has had an enormous impact on me), (Steve's wife, a psychic medium who is a little woo-woo for me sometimes, but worth reading), (intelligence and personal development), (musings from a pagan in western Massachusetts), (a blogger here in Chattanooga and a friend of ), (minimalist living, frequently updated). I do random websurfing quite often, but those are the sites I feel like advertising.

Video Games: Not a very common occurrence anymore. But I do like RPGs, old school and otherwise.

~My Favorites~

Color: I like Blue. Green is a close second. Autumnal colors are good, but only in combination.

Number: This is really a ridiculous question, but I do like 3, 7, 19, and 4096.

Sport: I don't do sports. If I had to pick, volleyball is a good one, and I might like to learn basketball sometime in the future.

Video Games: Final Fantasy, particularly IV (for the music), VII (Midgar is my favorite video game city of all time), VIII (I got very attached to the characters, and the music is really unique), and Tactics (amazing music and good storyline, although it does get progressively worse as Final Fantasy storylines seem to). Dragon Warrior (particularly III for gameboy, and V for SNES). Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross changed my life, expecially Cross. I can't speak a single ill of that game. I am also fond of Metal Gear Solid, for the old PSX.

Computer Games: The Sims (which I blame for losing much of my youth), The Sims 2, and Fable. I am also fond of some online games, such as (Alchemy, Speedy Bubbles), and some RPGs.

Movies: Fight Club, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Poet's Society, Running With Scissors, Good Will Hunting, The Ring, The Sixth Sense, and some others. I'm not a big movie person but these have effected me the most.

Books: Fiction: George Orwell's '1984', Ray Bradbury's 'Farenheit 451', Goethe's 'Faust', Lousie Cooper's 'Indigo' saga, anything by H.P Lovecraft, occasionally Paulo Coelho, although his style is a little too simplistic for my tastes. Homer's 'The Odyssey' is a new favorite of mine as well. As far as non-fiction goes, I like various religious texts, popular theologians (Elaine Pagels is a good one), Philosophy (Thich Nhat Hanh, Bertrand Russell, Kahlil Gibran, Epictetus), some 'New Age' authors (Eckhart Tolle, William Buhlman, Robert Peterson, Margot Adler, John Michael Greer), and personal development books on whatever subjects I'm currently interested in. Just kidding, I don't have time to read.

Music: Staind, Trapt, Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Orgy, Thrice (Hence my pen name), Switchfoot, Killswitch Engage, Story of The Year, OneSideZero, Kittie, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, and of course, The Ataris. Emo tear

~My Writing Information~

Best thing I've written: Possibly Burning Bridges, because it's the one I felt the most. You decide.

Worst thing I've written: Let's not go there, okay?

Longest thing I've ever posted: Don't know, but it's undoubtably been removed.

Poems I need more reviews on: I don't really need reviews. I don't write poetry to impress people.

Favorite Genres: Anything that I can relate to, and uses good imagery without relying on cliches or cheesy rhymes.

Favorite genres to write: Angst/spiritual.

Least Favorite Genres: That's too vague of a question.


I have finished uploading everything. Well, obviously not EVERYTHING,
but everything worth reading. I have also written some new poems that I
will post as soon as they are typed out and spell-checked multiple

I currently accept any kind of review, including anonymous ones. But if you leave one, at least leave your e-mail address. And don't use 'u' as a word unless you want to see me lose my temper.

~News In my Life~

news: Look under ~Progress~.

Recent Uploads: Poetry. More is coming soon. Run!


None right now.
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