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I write a bit of poetry...though most of it never sees the light of day...I shall ATTEMPT to post some of it on here. Uuhhmmm I like Anime of course...although I haven't seen many of them, I'm into Poetry...obviously...my fave author is Charles de Lint, of whom my stories are an attempt to model after...though i'll most likely NEVER equal his SUPERIORITY!!!! lol uuhhmm Name: Dessira'
What I prefer to be called: Rain
Gender: Female.
Age: 17.
Birthdate: 30 November, 1985.
Nationality: German/Jamaican/Cherokee/other...I'm a Mutt, hear me GRrrrrr!!!!
Hair colour: Deep Brown
Eye colour: Deep Goldish Brown
Height: 5'8"
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
How I would describe myself: Trustworthy, , open-minded, opinionated, ExtraOddinary!!(my WORD!! no steals!!), a bit...weird, I make a daily point of trying to confuse someone...hehe paranoid, and truthful, with an OdD sense of humour.

Favourite TV program: Farscape.Xena: Warrior Princess, Frasier, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Yu-Gi-Oh!, StarGate: SG-1, StarGate: Atlantis,

Favourite style of music: I listen to a bit of everything.
Favourite music bands/artists: Missy Elliott, Kelis, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Linkin Park,Michael Jackson, No Doubt, Dr. Dre, Hennie Bekker, Queen Latifah,Prince, Daft Punk, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, The DandyWarhols, The Zutons, Chevelle, and many others

People I look up to: Erik von Daniken, Thor Heyerdahl, Albert Einstein, Werner von Braun, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Scorpian King (Yes there WAS a REAL one) Tutankhamun, Van Gogh (sp?), Piccasso, anyone and everyone who has done something worthwhile with their lives.

Favourite movies: The Mummy movies, The Others, Rush Hour movies, Star Wars movies, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Blade movies, Galaxy Quest, Evolution, Deep Blue Sea, Austin Powers movies, Lake Placid, Dr. Dolittle movies, X-Men, The Faculty, Harry Potter movies, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, The Sixth Sense, Men in Black movies, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Independence Day, Hercules (Disney), Jurassic Park movies, Jumanji, Stargate, BatMan Begins (new version) and many otherZzZ

Favourite videogames: Tomb Raider series, Resident Evil series, Crash
Bandicoot series, Tekken series, Oddworld series, Devil May Cry series, Final Fantasy Series, any anime ones, Galerians.

Likes: Writing, drawing, the Internet, videogames, chocolate, mint, mythology, studded/spiked wristbands, leather, knives, watching TV, music, whips, cheese, Samurai swords, padded rooms *whheee!!! bounces off padded cell wall* snakes, mummification,scorpions,Lions and Tigers and any other big Kitties...fave word is GRRrrrrrr!!!!!, chains, strait-jackets, fairies, handcuffs, Surrealist art, ButterScothch ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ButterScotch!!, and taking photos. And TURTLES, can't forget the Turtles...after all i've got one tattooed on my leg.

Hates: Conformity, pop-up ads, bigoted/narrow-minded people, smoking, rude
people, any form of discrimination (such as racism, homophobia and sexism), being ignored, mathematics, spiders, people who judge other purely on their tastes and/or opinions, posers

there's more but yeaahh i'm lazy and am getting sick of typing, and the damn Muses want to be introduced!!
Styorm: Bout time u BAKA!!
Rain: MEANIE!! *fish MAGICALLY appears in her hands which she takes and whacks Styorm upside the dome with* HEHE!!! -_-
Styorm: x_x
ME!!: Ok Rain NO MORE!!
Rain: NO!
Me: *Screams as a I get knocked out by a fish!* Wait Rain N- x_x
Rain: YYAAYY!!! *Does the Happy Gerbil Dance singing the Gold fish Song* I like fishes cause they're SOO delicios...Gon Go FISHIN!!!
Me: x_x
Styorm: x_x

Name: Rain Storm
Description: Abiou of Styorm Thunder...Picture a Cherokee girl about 5'8, with long hair braided down her back, with Grey and Blue streaks running down it. And left eye is Grey while right is Blue.
Basic Outfit Worn: Deep Blue shiny pants (like the kind u find in Hot Topic...ya know the one's that cost like 50 bucks!!! lol) Electric blue tanktop, under a matching plaid blue button up shirt, blue spikes on right arm, silver on left. Silver Ahnk w/ Cobra wrapped around it necklace on neck, and a Gold chain. Earrings: Blue Dice on right, Silver on Left. Blue Anhk in eyebrow, Blue ring in lip. Shoes: Blue and Grey Vans with Bright Orange Laces, also wears a Navy Blue tie hung loosley around neck.
Languages Spoken: German, Egyptian, Latin, and Japanese.
Power: Psychic, and able to read thoughts at will, also a bit of Telekinesis.
Pets: Navy Blue Dragon with Crimson Red eyes named Thundering River.

Name: Styorm Thunder
Description: Yami of Rain Storm. looks a lot like Rain except his hair has Red and Grey streaks, braided the same way though. He is also about 6'5 so MUCH taller than Rain. As for clothing he wears the same clothing as her except everything of hers that is Blue is Red on him, including his Right eye. Also wears a Blood Red tie around neck, hung loosely.
Languages Spoken: Same as Rain, except also Arabic, Myan, Incan, and Seminole.
Powers: same as Rain, except he has ability to send people into the Shadow Realm, and can locate any and ALL Yamis in the immediant Vicinity. he can Sense their Whereabouts from afar, and get a rough estimate of where they are. (Yeaaa...this will come in handy on my FanFic story! lol still in me head though!!)
Pet: Blood Red Dragon, with Electric Blue eyes named Bleeding Rain.

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