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June 1st, '06*

Hmm... I haven't been on here in awhile. I feel sort of bad, cause the only thing I have up here are a couple random poems, and not any of them very good. I'm just not very motivated, I don't think. ^_ ^ It isn't that big of a deal anyways, as I'm completely sure no one even reads this, and I mean, why should they? It isn't as if I put anything new on here ever. Oh wells, I suppose I'll just have to change that... evenutally. ;) I'll keep working on a certain story, and get it up, promise!! Besides, it'll give me something else to do besides mope around waiting for the love of my life to get back from visiting friends. Oh yes, and it will provide one more excuse for me not to work on any of my college stuff...!! YAY!!! Kays, lol, Laters

March 23 '06*

I'm doing my best to get some of my stories written up on my computer, but I just am having a hard time finding time to do it. But I promise I'll get on it. ^_^
Granted, I'm pretty sure that no one even reads this page, but whatever. Someday I'll be popular, eh? Perhaps someone will accidently come across this page someday when I actually have something up, and I'll start having ppl that will see and/or care what I write up here, lol. But again, whatever. I'm really tired, so I'm going to bed, Perhaps I'll get my story on my computer tomorrow,or maybe not. We have to ask ourselves however... does it really matter? No, not really.


Heya, this is Mika (otherwise known as Artemis). Just a little about me:

I'm a 17 year old senior in high school, and ready to be done with school (but then there's always college, dammit). I love to write, but I only write when I'm feeling creative, and that happens only once in a while. My stuff ranges everywhere from total shite, to some stuff that isn't that bad. Generally my best stuff comes from moments of extreme emotion.Some of it I wrote years ago, and some more recently. But whatever, I'm going to post it all up, and you can choose to read or not to read, I really don't care.

I'm very social, have a bad temper, but I'm usually, pretty easy to get along with. I refuse to dislike someone, unless I have a good reason, and I'm a very trusting person, but if you break my trust, or do something unforgivably bad, good luck trying to get on my good side again, lol. I love my friends, and I'd do anything for them; I'm a very loyal person.

I love movies, books, music and laughing. Just some random stuff about me: Having my backed rubbed and kissing are my favorite sensations in the world. I'm a very physical person, and like being in close contact with people. I sometimeslaugh really hard at things no one else finds funny. Ctrl-Alt-Del and 10k Commotion are my favorite web comics, and buttered toast is the l337357 thing ever.Yeah... that's all I feel like writing at the moment. So, I'll let you get back to your life, and I'll continue with mine... Hope you like what you read, but if not, feel free to comment, I like laughing at flames. ;)

Laters, Mika

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