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Grammer Info- Okay, I see this mistake a lot when I'm reading here on fictionpress...and it's one that I am always sure to double check myself on. "Your" is your, a possessive term. "You're" is "You are." Also, a comma is a slight pause, a long dash "--" is a longer pause or an interruption, and an elipse "..." is a trailing off, an omission, or a pause longer than a comma or a long dash.

I am a 24 years old, and My major is English and my minor is history. In fact, I now have my degree. I am a fan of almost all things supernatural, fantasy, and/or sci-fi. I"ve authored many things at under the name of Patricia de Lioncourt.

And I've joined forces with some of my fellow fanficers under various names...QuillsandValium(this is with ADSpencer) and NJOW( This is with Kimmi Gray, ADSpencer, Falconwing)at . If you like fanfiction, I encourage you to read and review some of mine.

I also occasionally write poetry or the like with ADSpencer here at Fictionpress...we're Blissful Serenity.

Here's a list of the fics I have planned to work on in the near future.If they aren't posted here yet, I'll put out a small description beside them. Here it is.

1) Black Diamond Sphere

2) My Box

3) The Christmas Princess

4) A Mid-Semester Night's Dream

5) The Dilemma of House Wraithwood

6) Sorry Doesn't Cut It--Thomas Jefferson writes a letter of apology to his friend, John Adams.

7) One Month-- One month in summer, 60 teens ranging from 9th grade to newly graduated, five full-time staff members, 3 conselors, one counselor assistant, two dorm buildings, one summer do the math.

8) Prophecy of Seven

Here's a list of complete fiction works that I have posted here.

1) A Saint Patrick's Day Mission

Now, poetry is not included in either list. I'm a stern believer in the fact that poetry cannot always be planned. Oh well. TAKE THAT, BEN JONSON!! (12th grade English joke...sorry).

Updates on Me:

April 27--I've decided to lengthen my profile here a bit. Each of my stories will get their own little section here where I can go more in detail about them. Also, soon I'll be putting up the first chapter of many stories. I've done this a bit before. I will get back to them, I just want to put all of my ideas out there. Please be patient with me! Thanks!! Note: In parentheses will be pronounciations

June 11- Also, I'd like to apologize for the time it is taking me to write my stories. It always takes me such a long time in original fiction.

August 31, 2007- A note about my favorites list...these are stories I either like or will read...

August 21- So, I've got a game plan. I plan to put up at least one chapter to begin about three fictions that I wish to start. From there, I plan to focus on one story, and one alone. That will be The Dilemma of House Wraithwood. Also, I've removed some stories and a couple of poems. Most of these will not be comming back.

June 17, 2009- game plan failed...I am however still working on all fics posted here...I've reaffirmed my love of the short story, which means that you can be expecting some more from me in that area.

Black Diamond Sphere

Summary: When Seth's uncle gets fatally ill, it is up to him and his two best friends...and whoever they meet along the find the Black Diamond Sphere and heal him. However, they are not the only ones seeking this magical power. The evil king of the land has sent his daughter in search for it as well.


1) Seth-- a good hearted boy with big dreams. He is devisated by his uncle's illness and vows to find the Sphere to help him.

2) Odette (Oh-det)-- One of Seth's best friends. He loves her like he would a sister, and she views him as another brother. She has dreams of singing professionally.

3) Quinlan (kwin-lyn)-- Odette's brother and Seth's best friend. Although he is known for his boxing, he much prefers to be a poet.

4) Remington (Rem-ing-ten)-- A snotty rich boy who tries his best to break the rules. He may be very into himself, but deep down there is more that he cares about.

5) Arian (Air-an)-- A very powerful Mystic when it comes to foretelling the future. However, she cannot even perform the simplest of elemental magic.

6) Belle (Bell)-- Very arrogant. She acts as if she was a very big star, even though she is only known in her hometown.

7) Damon (Day-mon)-- The King of the continent. He is evil and cares for nothing but himself. He has wanted the Black Diamond Sphere for years.

8) Fidel (Fah-dell)-- Damon's eldest child and only son. He is very loyal to his Father and wants nothing but approval from him. He is jealous of his sister.

9) Darcy (Dar-see)-- Damon's youngest child and only daughter. She secretly thinks her father has gone insane. However, she is the High General of his armies and does what she is told.

My Box

Summary: A modern day girl is visited by the goddess Athena and given a box that contains all the knowledge in the world. She must care for the box and keep it out of evil's hands.


1) Pandora Walker (Pan-door-ah)-- The main character. She resents her family's fascination with Greek Mythology and hates everything about her life.

2) Steven Walker (Stee-ven)-- Pandora's father. He is the Professor of Mythology at the local college. He met his wife, Pandora's mother, working on his degree after High School. It was their love of Greek Mythology that brought them together.

3) Nidia Walker (Nid-e-ah)-- Pandora's mother. She is the Professor of Ancient Cultures at the local college. The children's names were her idea.

4) Zeus Walker (Zoos)-- Pandora's older brother. He is away, earning his degree in both fields that his parents are in.

5) Hera Walker (Hair-ah)-- Pandora's younger sister. She is only in the fifth grade. She is often complemented about the beauty of her name.

6) Emil Steel (E-meal Steal)-- He is the dean at the local college. He has spent his life in search of the Box of Knowledge, most believing him to be crazy. He becomes a dangerous enemy of Pandora's.

7) Athena (Ah-the-na)-- The Goddess Athena. She is goddess of Wisdom, Women's arts and crafts, and War. She gives Pandora the box to watch over and watches over her in turn.

The Christmas Princess

Summary: Born in secret on midnight on Christmas Eve, a young princess must--years later--regain her kingdom from the wicken dictator who has killed her father and sent her and her mothe into exile. She is helped by her protective peacocks and a powerful sorceress who has awakened from centuries of sleep.


1) Merri (Merry)--The main character. The princess who must regain her kingdom.

2) Constance (Con-stance)-- The former queen of the land andMerri's mother. She was forced into exile and nows lives and works as a peasent woman.

3) Christian-- The former king and Merri's father. He was murdered the the wicked dictator.

4) Peace-- Peacock number one

5) Love-- Peacock number two.

6) Jadai (Jay-die)--a powerful sorceress who has been asleep for a long time. She performs her magic using the wax from her enchanted candles as conduits.

7) Stonan Mercae (Stone-en Merc-a)--the evil dictator taking over the Liberated Kingdoms.

A Mid-Semester Night's Dream

Summary: In her first year of college, a young girl faces trouble when she becomes involved romantically with one of her professors.


1) Titania Fae (Tah-tonya)- Main character. Her major and scholarship is in drama.

2) William S. Speare- The college's literature professor.

3) Sophy Antigone (Sofy An-tig-oney)- The college's drama professor.

4) Aida Spencer (I-ida)- Titania's best friend.

5) Odin Puck- Titania's annoying ex-boyfriend.

The Dilemma of House Wraithwood

Summary: The human daughter of a vampire is put in the position of ruling the destroyed vampire's coven house. However, there are those who would do anything to see that she does not rule for long...anything...


1) Juniper Wraithwood (June-a-per Rayth-wood)-Main character. Eldest, human daughter of Dominic. She is the rightful ruler of the house, but some do not see it that way.

2) Dominic Wraithwood (Dom-a-nick Rayth-wood)- the last ruler of the house. Has died, leaving his daughter the house.

3) Demetrius Covenwave (De-meet-tress Covenwave)- Vampire against Juniper taking her place as ruler. Leader of the Faction.

4) Richard Moon- Vampire that supports Juniper leading the House.

5) Flora Wraithwood- Juniper’s full-blooded vampire half-sister. She is younger and is unsure about whether Juniper should lead or not.

Note: More Characters will be added as the story progresses.

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Above, in the homepage link, is the link to the Guild of the Fantastic Quill, a writing group where we issue--and complete--challenges for no other reason but to better ourselves as writers and to have fun while doing it! I also have my own blog, which can be found here.

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