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07/04/2013: Just a quick update to inform people that I have a new job and, unfortunately, I have one day off a week so I'm sure you will understand if my updates get even slower. I'm trying real hard and I'm hoping that these six-day weeks are just temporary so please bear with me.

20/12/2012: In response to a couple of questions asked to me in reviews and emails: the reason I started and posted Dragon Lord Legends: The Beginning of Armageddon was because I fully intended to write it and finish it. I did not put it on this site knowing that I would go for years without updating it - at the time I had every intention of finishing it.

So I am very sorry that I got writer's block and that I went to university to do a three-year degree in Mental Health Nursing, got a job that I work 42 hours a week in, got married, had one kid and now have another on the way, play football on Tuesdays and Saturdays and have family members living a long way away from me that I need to visit. Things have gotten massively on top of me in the past four/five years and writing has definitely not been on top of my list of things to do. But I have always thought of my stories and have always planned new ideas and characters with the knowledge that one day I would finish the story and - hopefully - finish the third story in the DLL saga that I had planned. I am sorry and, believe me, I am trying harder than ever to write again.

Spoiler alert* One more quick note that a couple of people picked up in some reviews over the course of DLL is Thanks' "schizophrenia" and what sort of disorder she has. Actually, she has no mental disorder to speak of, which will be covered in BOA with any luck. But in the time that I have set DLL, they wouldn't have any form of mental illness classification. They send speakers to the Ariumdom and lock them up, for God's sake. Thanks' instincts to kill Vorlat were born from seeing Omniscient as she was being tortured and having various magic syphoned into her body as they tried to make him stronger. There are three voices that she hears: her own voice from her past life, her voice that associates Vorlat with Omniscient and thus wants to kill him and the third voice is a form of Omniscient's consciousness that went into her as they were torturing her and it is through that consciousness that she knows that the person she wants to kill is Vorlat (Vorlat senior, not Vorlat the wanderer). Omniscient's voice leaves her when she kills him and her consciousness melds into one, which is why she passes out and goes into a coma afterwards. People refer to her as schizophrenic or a psychopath because that's what I feel they would have done and not because she has a sure-fire diagnosis. *End spoiler*

Anyway, on to the update...

You know when you do something that you're really proud of and you sit on that accomplishment for a while and then when you look back at whatever it was, it either wasn't that great or you didn't do it as well as you should have done? Well I've been proud of Dragon Lord Legends for years now. Yeah, I haven't gotten around to finishing the sequel that I've been promising for around ten years now, but I was still hugely proud of what I managed to write when I was fourteen/fifteen given the scope and length of the story.

Yet when I was really bored recently I re-read the opening four or five chapters and I was appalled by what I had written. The story, especially at the beginning, had massive plotholes, one-dimensional characters and little sense to it. Having skipped ahead several chapters to the end of the story I realise that I definitely improved as time went on and things got a lot better. Yet I cannot even use my age and story-writing inexperience as an excuse for those poor several opening chapters (when I say "several" I actually mean "fifty plus") because I edited the damned story TWICE when I was in my late teens and in my story-writing prime. My editing was an atrocity worthy of being burned alive or something equally as evil. The spelling/grammar errors, from someone who takes great pride in his ability to speak "proper English" even in text messages and emails, were far too many for my liking and there were, as mentioned, several plotholes or parts of the story where I should have added extra explanations or linked one part to another in an attempt to stave off confusion.

Spoiler* An example of this is right at the start of the story. My intention was that when Ryn is attacked by a Dragon he becomes infected with Dragranor insanity (a Dragon-bourne disease that he harbours - unbeknownst to him or anyone at the time - inside his body), but it goes unnoticed until he encounters another Dragon later in the story. That second encounter makes the disease become active, culminating in him almost becoming a "speaker" (a person who can see inside the Dragon auguries but in doing so becomes immobile), but this process was slowed by Edna's witchcraft and then ultimately halted by Tiamat who appears to Ryn in a dream and alters the dynamic of the disease inside him, giving him certain properties that result in him being able to wield Dragranor Nal Ararnor without being hurt. In essence I wanted to demonstrate that Ryn was, in some way, "chosen" from the very start of the story to become the hero of the piece, even if it was at that time simply a case of being in the wrong time at the wrong place.
However when I started writing the story I thought that it would give Vorlat more reason to travel to a Parishium village if the Dragon was actually a mage in disguise and this simple act ultimately ruined everything, because Ryn did not become infected with the disease at the start of the story. I then did not explain properly why Ryn collapsed during the meeting with the second Dragon and thus I am sure there was a lot of confusion when Tiamat appeared to Ryn and told him he was going insane with very little warning. *End Spoiler* (But even with extra editing that whole encounter with the second Dragon and Ryn's subsequent collapse is still pretty confusing)

For reasons such as this I have decided to try to get my mojo back by performing another edit of Dragon Lord Legends, if only for my own peace of mind. I really hope that by doing this I'll be able to break my long years of writer's block and maybe resume the sequel that I have been working on, on and off, for years and years.

Yes, I accept that I could not do a complete re-edit without a massive overhaul. I really don't have the time or the patience to dissect the story and completely rewrite it, which is what it really needs. If I took out the parts that I feel aren't needed and take out the characters that don't add anything to the story (there's a lot of those) then the story would probably lose about twenty-thirty chapters. Maybe one day I'll do a total DLL rewrite, but for now it's just an edit and this time I promise the story will make more sense when you read it.

Bonus update (10/01/2013): I have actually completed my long and arduous editing of DLL. Now I need to find the strength and desire to completely upload all 150 chapters again. So far I've uploaded 50 extra chapters and in those chapters a lot of things have changed, so if you read those 50 and then carry on before I upload more I need to warn you that some things might not make sense. If you've read the story before: don't worry, the basic plot outline is the same, but I have changed several interactions and reasons behind certain things. I feel that the story makes a lot more sense now.

I have also uploaded two new chapters to DLL: BOA. I'm working back on that again and, unusually for me, I am actually planning the story out. This is mainly because I feel that I have too many characters to play with and just want to make sure certain people are in the right place at the right time. I've got some excellent ideas for the story now and reckon I could do several more chapters before I probably succumb to the inevitable writers' block once again.

One more thing I've been working on for the past few days: A PREQUEL! Whilst I did my editing I came up with loads of plans for a prequel for DLL, basically outlining the arrival of the Gods, the creation of man, Aura's arrival and treachery, the war, the creation of the sword and tons more things. I considered putting BOA on hold to write the prequel, as what I came up with ties in somewhat with the story of BOA. However, I bullet-pointed a very brief plan and general timeline for this prequel and I got four pages in and realised that I wasn't even halfway through - this thing is going to be HUGE!!!!! Too big probably for me to ever write, to be honest. I'm still working on the plan as a distraction to get more of my mojo back and I think that there is a way for me to write the story without making it too long, but I'm not too keen on the style of writing I would need to use, as it would have to be bible-esque and abstract, rather than my preferred method.

But that's my concern for now. All you need to worry about is that (for now) I'm back and excited about writing again!

Quick Note (15/01/2013): Had a problem whilst uploading my redo of DLL. Apparently Fictionpress is no longer accepting the way that I signal scene changes and I discovered - by accident - that all of the 50 chapters that I uploaded had no paragraphs in them and just read in one long, continuous chapter with no breaks. So I've had to go through all 150 chapters and change the way I paragraph the chapters and then upload all the chapters again. I'm up to 55 and so far no more problems. The rest should be up soon.

Bio (Updated 20/12/2012)

Name: Ben Miller
Age: 25
Marital status: Married with kids
School Attended: Wyedean (Yup, J.K Rowling went to that very same school)
University Attended: University of the West of England (UWE) - Hartpury College/Alexandria Warehouse.
Degree Obtained: BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing
Favourite Authors: Peter .V Brett, Steven Erikson, Raymond E. Feist, J.K Rowling.
Favourite books: The Painted Man, You Win Nothing With Kids, Green Angel Tower: Siege, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Favourite computer games: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, FIFA 13, Assassin's Creed III.
Favourite football team: Arsenal
Favourite Music Artists: Oasis, The Pretty Reckless, Young Guns
Likes: Arsenal. Football. Writing my stories.
Dislikes: Welsh people who pretend to be patriots. People who take music wa-ay too seriously.

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Story Summary:

Completed: Dragon Lord Legends
In Orium; a country just this side of complete strife and chaos, a young man runs away from his step father and by chance runs into a legendary sword master. After being turned over into the capable hands of Hesamer Lee and his daughter, Lora, Ryn begins to learn about family life, love and friendship again. And rivalry. Dreaming of adventure like his rescuer, he becomes target of Seifa; a jealous young man in love with Lora.

Exiled from his town after being caught doing something he shouldn't have done, Ryn is thrown into a suddenly startling adventure. Aided by Hesamer and Lora he must earn his right to live in his new home again by finding a book written by a God who has not been seen for centuries. Helped by new friends who are blighted by his enemies, he must track down this book not only to regain entrance to his new home but also to stop the world being taken over by a strange race from the past.

And to the east a sleeping God stirs, awaiting for a spell long cast on him to wear off so he can seek revenge on those who thwarted him...

In Progress: Dragon Lord Legends: The Beginning of Armageddon
Now that the war is over the rebuilding can begin. But there are some people that can't let go of the past. There is a storm coming, prophecies are rife, nobody knows what's going on and anybody that does is loathe to divulge information.

Ryn and Lora have their issues and not even her new Godly powers can prevent what is to happen. They now have enemies not only in their own country but from other dimensions and soon the threat to their world is not just from the obvious opponents. There is a new power due to replace the Gods and that power could soon render the whole world asunder. While Lora must exorcise her demons and learn to control her power Ryn is taken somewhere far darker that anyone could have imagined - to a place where his friends died and their enemies won. His adventure is going to start all over again only this time there is no magic to help him and no friends to guide him.

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