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kk you guys can talk to me anytime cuzz i'm totally available to chat or wutevzz uu wannaa talk bout is finee w/ me i'm a flexible grl...

i'm 17 rt now (but i'm gonna turn 18 on january 8th xcitingg stuff rite theree :) ) - but already licensedd so thas wut im talkinn abt

i go to herricks high (o, yah! herricks all the way - even though we cant afford so much junk - lolzz) on Long Island, which is in New York 4 all those who dint no 2 begin w/ (but then agen most ppl dun unless of coursee u live here on this blessed island lolzz uh huh uh huh uh fun fun stuff riteeeee lolzz i rememberr those good old dayzz bak inthe day)

i luv LJ Smith stuff (OMG yea)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter - 6TH BK!!! but the kidz totally pmsy all thru the 5thh...not liking that onee 2 muchh

Caroline B. Cooney and Madeleine L'Engle (reallyy good stuff there) n i finallyy found that whole time quartet (why the hell dint annie end up w/ the REAL strat...devoneyzz descendant jus dont cut the cake lolzz)

pretty much any good romance or horror story (all that sappy stuff - iz good so dont knock it), mystery, historical fiction (sometimes...depending on what time period b/c some are just more interesting than others), some sci-fi (but like a bare min...not 2 fond of it), basically just fiction in general

Hair: jet black (iz now kinda like a lil past my shoulderz...gonna cut it for school in fall againn)

Eyes: dark chocolate brown (i have really big eyes, which really sucks, but hey go with the flow)

what else ya wanna know?? :)

fave color: baby blue (jus like justin timberlake might i add)

fave sport: b-ball or soccer (neverr been able 2 choose) but dun really have time 2 play nemore...mostly jus chillaxinn this summer w/ friends

fave song: Reflection by Christina Aguilera

fave movie: one guess (hehehe -- and i bet you'll get it wrong...lolzz)all time fave is of course Little Mermaid (duhh...hence the penname), What A Girl Wants (oliver james is SO majorly hot and omg, he can sing!!! i so dig musicians), A Walk to Remember (shane west looks so amazing in that movie...i just can't believe the transformation!!!!!), Pirates of the Caribbean (orlando bloom is just wowness and then therezz johnny depp of coursee and the story is excellent too), Princess Diaries (in the second one, nicholas is madddd sexyyy ahhhh)

fave tv series: Alias (michael vartan is kinda cutee and just great looking, but there's just so many great things going on in that show), Saved by the Bell (omgomgomg zach zach zach all da wayyy babyy n dammm noww i gotzz da 3rd n 4th seasonzz n i'm in HEAVEENNNNN woot woot i nevaa wannaa leavee diss placee ma lil happyy place lolzz), Gilmore Girls (even tho she went 2 college...onlyy watch like the beginningg stuff), One Tree Hill (AHHHHH CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!!! but nathan -- dunno his real name -- is HOTTNESS 2 the MAX so yeahh cnt go wrong)...basically watch mostly the WB

fave book/series: VD (all the way) and for those who don't know that's Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith

fave character: Stefan Salvatore (OMG -- hot stuff) and Adam Eddington (he's just so wonderful and like really just real...ya know??)

fave hobbies: singing (i really love singing because it's just such a wonderful release sometimes...all that pent up emotion lolzz), dancing (thanks to my mother, i'm dancing, but it's not so bad. thnxx mommy!!!), reading and writing (of course - lolzz), listening to certain artists (such good stuff) -- and i'm basically attached to my ipod...that and my books and scrap notebook where i tend to jot down thoughts..., talking, talking talking (i tend 2 run off at the mouth on certain occasions), shopping (duh...what girl doesn't love the basics??), just hanging out...the usual junk

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