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Yep, still in a writing rut. Only came to change my e-mail address here. In other news, piles of new drawings of mine mounted at my bedroom

Nogar: At least be decent enough to put them away! To be frank, your pictures scar me beyond recognition...

I'm not that depressed, am I?


To those who have been visiting my profile, sorry to say that I haven't updated much of my stories lately. It's not writer's block, but rather the lack of motivation to finish my stories and the fact that I don't have a laptop so I could write anytime I wanted. Especially DW2, it's a good story, I admit, but I fear I may never be able to finish it due to the insanely long and complicated plot I had in mind for it, even after college, the time where responsibilities would thrust themselves towards me and I would barely find time to write anymore.

I apologize to those who joined Dragon Warz 2 that I've disappointed you all. But I suppose that stories like those were never meant to continue, not at the rate I'm going. I mean, look at Belle the-Shadowcat's and Sanderek's stories of "Spirit Guardians". But if I ever find a story like mine that has prevailed and pulled through despite insurmountable obstacles, I might be convinced to continue DW2, even if the reviewers who joined it were long gone.

Not that I know that someone still visits me. But I'm sorry, I've disappointed myself as well. Give me an e-mail if you want to ask me more about this; I'd appreciate the thought that comes with it.



Otherwise known as 'The Angel's Seal', this story is commonly about Granar Giezhen, Kazo Kinoru and Hana whose lives had become interwined with Hyo, whose life and death changed their very lives. Now six months after Hyo's fated departure, the three will be involved in a plot so powerful, everyone's lives is at stake. Now, for the first time, the cast of 'The Unwavering Desire' will make a return for an adventure that will test their very faith, as they uncover the cornerstone of it all, The Angel's Seal.

Sorry, couldn't help making it sound so cool! It took me long enough to post the first chapter of it. A few fics here and there. . .but I finally did the first step to making my greatest story yet!

Oh, would you be kind enough to scroll down to the bottom of this profile of mine? Just skip the rest; you can read that later. I have something important to say down there. Thanks in advance!

I like to thank the following authors for supporting me through their reviews(read their works through the links if you can too):

Nickel City, my first Internet friend with a passion for dragons and is currently writing a war about them-http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1214844
Rabbit Dawg, another internet friend who's acknowledged by his works (mostly poems actually)-http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=320397
Yui Shirou, a somewhat hyperactive author along with her muse, Shimiru-http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=269727
Skyra, a great anthropomorphic author who likes dragons and lizards-http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1245499
Belle the Shadow-Cat, another anthropomorphic author, likes cats-http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1253183
Blood Reign, a dragon-freak, she termed herself and also writes pure fantasy stories-http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=227711
Gamemac64, a lesser-known, don't know what happened to this one actually. . .-http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=264371
Andaren, a starting out author who writes about fantasy about the Alpha Warriors.-http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1265623

OK! It's bio time!
Name: DigiDayDreamer, huh, oh my real name? Well, read "I Am" below.
Age: Just turned 15!
Personality: In one word, different. In many words, know-a-lot, freestyle dancer, abnormal dealer, you get the picture. In reality, I'm an ordinary boy who acts way too mature. I'm also sensitive because of I have low EQ. ~_~ But I laugh! Ha ha ha! Laughter is the panacea! Ha ha ha!
Citizenship: Okay, I'm a Filipino! From the Philippines! Am I too obvious already? Stramge, because even though I'm a pure native, I can speak English fluently! Cool, huh?
Religion: I don't care about that because I know the TRUTH! All religions have flaws(no offense to religious fanatics). I believe in the Bible, God's word. Not religions. Bible is good! ^_^
Sex, er, gender: Male
Hobbies: Would you believe doing math equations? I'm a math wizard! Also drawing, writing and daydreaming. . .I also listen to hip-hop music that make me dance! I guess dancing is a hobby! Watch me boogie! Or maybe not!
Favorites: Let's see, Japanese anime music, dragons(okay, maybe that was obvious already), dinosaurs, Digimon and funny fics.
Okay, this is my first time so here I GO!!!! GO!!!! GO!!!! Hello?

Special thanks to: Nickel City, Rabbit Dawg, Blood Reign( who used to be White Mystic), Deekz, Loki-goddess of destruction, Yui Shirou, Skyra, my best friend Trigger-A and God for bringing me here. Also to Lashana and Telca, their fanfics contributed to my insanity. ^_^

Yehey! Life is interesting!~me

Quote of the day: "Just when I thought breakfast was more sane than my life."- Reo, from The Angel's Seal.

Okay, you're probably wondering why I brought you down here. Well, I've been wandering around this website and stumbled upon Belle the Shadow-Cat's and Kezkay's profiles. Seeing they share the same view on supporting underreviewed stories, I decided to join their noble cause and start a weekly 'review someone's fic who needs a reviewer like you' thing. Also, like Belle, I will put an underreviewed fic (most likely one of my favorite stories) here and dare/challenge/force/*insert persuasive verb here* you to read and review this fic for now and make a fellow author's day brighter than a shiny nickel. Seriously, even making one review can work wonders for both the author and reviewer. (That is, if the author is grateful enough to review yours in return. Fortunately, that is the case most of the time, so there's no harm in reviewing, unless your review flames the author and gives no praise or constructive criticism whatsoever.)

The fic for the week is Andaren's The Alpha Warriors and the Soul Crystal- Tara, Joe and Jason must venture in a world threatened by Retor, a most evil force intent on fulfilling its devilish desires and only they can stop him in an adventure where pasts, revelation and conflict collide. Will they succeed or will they succumb to darkness?- http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1265623

Thanks in advance to everyone who reviews the fic of the week.

Now the author of the week: Belle the Shadow-cat!


Check her works out!

There's still more coming! Until then. . .

Spell ya later!

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Perchance To Dream by Belle the Shadow-Cat reviews
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(there are two of the same thing, the other user is Foresaken dreams, but i have made arrrangements with that user so that i can do tha same thing) this is just like a japanese dictionary!! request words, use words, it doesn't matter to me, check it out
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Furry Boxing: Father, Son and Spirit reviews
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Guess who?
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Hah! Spoof this! In Chap 2, watch out for those qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq!
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May the truth be told, Nicki. I can't hide my real identity anymore. It's your choice if you still see me as the same person as before. Thanks.
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