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Dear readers, cowriters, friends, and colleagues:

I am very sad to say goodbye. But my career is soon to begin and the last thing I need is copyright infringements due to full publications online. I have deleted the my stories from the website. I am so sorry to the readers and you have to understand that after years and years of being in this awesomeeee community, it is very hard to do this.

Because I love fictionpress readers and I will miss you and I don't want to leave you all on cliffs forever-- if you are in the middle of reading a story and I have deleted it, please feel free to email me at tlotz @ mac. com (without the spaces) and I will send you the story so you can read it privately. Also, if you would like to keep reading things- be friend me on facebook! (email me and we can exchange info-- just make sure you tell me your authors name).

Let me tell you what I am doing: I am going into Musical Theatre composition-- I want to write musicals for broadway (or wherever they may land me). So I hope that one day, you all will see Teresa Lotz on the Tonys. :D

Thank you again for all of your support-- my readers here have encouraged me to continue a career in fiction, and I owe each and every one of you a HUGEEEEE hug.


Teresa Lotz

Finished Works:

How the Hell Do I get Myself Into This- (Complete, and under-read :) ) The work of five years and counting has accumulated into this. This is the story of Ken Krizan, told from his perspective in a desperate attempt to make sense of his existence. This story is fictional, and rated MA for drugs, sexuality and language.

In the Dark- The story of two teens with a special connection...a connection few humans ever have the ability to experience- Dazelix, the outcast with a broken past, Charlotte, the wonderful inspiration to many that hides beneath her shell--fate is real. And miracles do happen. PG13 for sexuality, language, and violence.

No More Alexis- Alexis hates her life, her boyfriend, her family, everything. When her family is moving, she starts new. But, her new start isn't what most people expect...and it gets her into a HUGE mess that changes her life forever. PG13 for mild sexuality and language.

As Cold As Stone- Co/written with Gothendergirl666. Larson Banks is a new vampire with a human soul, who's not quite ready to give into the evil side and Erica Stone is a stubborn human with a terrible past. What can become of these two enemies? R for sexuality and language.

Forever Haunted- This is an OLD work. My first full story- back before I got a little better with writing. But it still makes for an interesting read...even if just for laughs. It's not that long at all. A good 20 pgs maybe. Compared to like In The Dark...which is like 150 some pgs..

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