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Name: Nicky Alias: Nizzy Age: 15 Gender: female Bdate: 13.12.1987 Grade: 11th Lives: in a parallel universe No, seriously: I'm a Dutchy! :) Hair: long, blonde Eyes: steel blue, big, ugly (in my opinion) Sign: sagittarius About: I have many weird moods, I LOVE music (esp. rock, punk, grunge stuff), I am obsessed with muffins, I like chatting, making sites and stuff. I'm kinda new to FictionPress, but I like it here. :) I hope to review some stuff from other FictionPress members soon. Contact: (email & msn) [email protected]


1152*864 resolutions, music, being hyper, blogs, blogging, books, boys that look like hobbits :P, cd's, chicken (as food), chocolate, designing layouts, Egypt, holidays, Greece, my friends and family, LOTR, hobbits, Galadriel, HTML, internet, Kazaa Lite, kicking people's ass :P, licorice, movies, my cd burner, my cd player, my discman, online comics, poetry (some of it), punkrock, hardrock, softrock, any rock, alternative music, sleeping, taking surveys and quizzes, shouting along lyrics, downing stuff, MP3's, listening to music, having fun, eating with chinese sticks, people that are nice to each other, walking in the woods, watching the clouds drift by, watching the stars at night, gardening, sunny days at the beach, swimming, taking a hot bath after a cold day, surprises, pressies, nice people, people that are a bit freakish, making fun of teatchers, annoying the people in your environment, turning up the volume of your cd player to bug the neighbours, helping out a friend, being helped out by a friend, being in love with someone, simple things that make life more pleasant such as eating ice cream on a hot summer day, biking, eating food my mom cooked, eating at a restaurant, flying (in an airplane), travel the world, being with the one you love, having a good conversation, taking the time to enjoy life, FICTIONPRESS! :P


800*600 resolutions, ads (on free hosts), annoying people, AnnOYinG tYpiNg Lyk DIs, bad hair days :P, copiers, dark chocolate, errors, fighting, headaches, homework, school, junk mail, normal people :P, people that constantly spit on the ground, people that stare, popular people, preps/townies, socks (don't ask), stalkers, racism, teachers, terrorism, viruses, wind and rain at the same time, forwards, tv commercials, when MTV keeps showing the same stupid music video's over and over again, parents that treat their children like shit, children that treat their parents like shit, missing my bus, being late at school or anywhere else, when internet is down, when cyberpixels (host) is down, when I can't express my artistic feelings because I suck at PSP :P, when I can't get my layout the way I want it, when my FTP program won't work, when I run outa cd-r's, when my comp's being freaky or slow (all the time), arrogant people, people that aren't real individuals but copy opinions from others, kids with more money than me (which is like everyone), when my rechargeable batteries are empty in the middle of a good cd, when I lose something (even in my own room it can take ages to find something back), when your friends turn out to be your enemies, being broke, when your parents and lil sis are being annoying, when I forget my passwords, vacuum cleaning, coldness, ice, Avril FUCKING Lavigne (sry for the ones that like her, like her if you want, it's your own choice).