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Name: John, but everyone calls me Flare
Age: 25
Occupation: Supervisor at Toys R Us

I tend to be inspired a lot by anime and manga, as well as sci-fi and fantasy tv shows and movies. So, don't be surprised if you see elements of those things in my writing. I also tend to have multiple plot lines running through my stories that intertwine and inter-weave. Believe it or not, this style came about as a means of helping me stay interested in a story. When I originally started writing, I'd get lots of ideas from lots of different places, and I would jump from one to another. This was heightened by the fact that I would tend to lose interest in stories when I got to a 'slow' part. So, with the story Energy Shadow, I decided to try something different, and made a bunch of different characters, with different stories, that all tied together in the end, and it worked out nicely, so that's kind of what I've been doing now.

Below, you'll find summaries and information on the stories I've written in the order I've written them. Just general tidbits about my creative process that no one is probably interested in, but I feel like exposing you to anyway. Enjoy the insanity - I do!

Bladewarriors: (DISCONTINUED)
Bladewarriors was the first story idea I ever wrote down. I had had others before hand, but none that I liked enough to actually write down. It was with this story that I really discovered my desire to write and it still holds special meaning for me, if for no one else. I actually first wrote this story in April of 2001 - Yeah, 10 years ago. I have technically finished the story, but upon finishing it, I had no way to type it up. It was all written out in a notebook I dragged with me to school everyday. So, I gave it to my friend to type for me, but he didn't do much with it. He typed up the first twelve chapters. However, I eventually got my own computer and took my story back. From Chapter 12 on, I started re-writing the story, and one day, I intend to go back and re-write Chapters 1-12. But the reason it takes so long to get new Chapters up for that story is that they are usually quite long, and I end up greatly changing what happens. So much so, that the only person to read the original story has to re-read this one. But, if you're patient an update will always come. And until it does, feel free to check out my other stories.


Actually, I've decided to completely rewrite this story in honor of it's 10 year anniversary, and have begun to do so (see bottom). So, feel free to check out that!

This was somewhere around my fifth story idea after Bladewarriors, and the second one of them that I wrote down. The first of them was a sequel to Bladewarriors, which I was forced to stop writing when I started rewriting Bladewarriors. The other ideas were spin-offs of Bladewarriors, and in essence, so is The Touchstone. It was originally a way for me to show off my writing abilities to my friends while, at the same time, introduce them to my favorite character from Bladewarriors; Flare Inferno. I took many characters from Bladewarriors and changed their background, but otherwise left them the same. The story was really popular the first place I posted it, but it doesn't seem to do very well here. And I have stopped writing in it, but this is because I ran into a slow spot in the story and have yet to be able to pull myself out of it. I intend on getting back to it one day, but I'm not sure when that'll happen.

The origins of this story, like many of my early stories, lie in video games. It was actually inspired in part by the Megaman Battle Network series, but most of the influence came from a book called 'Prey' by Micheal Crichton. I can remember it had to do with a bunch of nanobots that evolved to be self-aware and tried to kill a bunch of people. Going from the idea of nano-bots that evolved, I was hit with the idea for this story. I loved the idea and had to write it down, which at first was a problem. I couldn't decide how to start it. I tried a third-person view, but I didn't like it. It didn't seem to sound right. So I tried first person. It sounded better, and I liked writing that way for this story. The next problem was exactly how to start it. I usually start a story with the hero waking up and being late for something (RPG cliché, yes I know), but I didn't want that this time. Eventually I decided that Zen would be a troubled youth and thus the whole "potential speech" beginning. From there, I just let it flow, and many people have loved it, especially the normal-speak narration. I intend on eventually coming back to this story, but it may be a while. Be Patient with me.

This is my another of my story ideas that was inspired by a game. I have so many right now, it's not funny, but when I came up with this one I had to write it down. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I figured I should try and get it down while I could. The inspiration for this story was Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube. That game actually brought many story ideas out of me, but this is the only one I absolutely had to write down. The rest I was able to contain. Originally the story was meant to focus around Rhagkash, but I decided I liked my half-elf character Kael better. SO I focused it in on him. Also, originally it was in third person. It took me many re-writes of the first chapter in order to finally decide first-person would work better. There are times I wish I could use third-person, but the first-person view will likely end up suiting my needs better. I originally had an update everyday for this story, but life tends to get in the way of my writing, so be patient and I'll get one up when I can.

Energy Shadow: (COMPLETE)
Energy Shadow is my most popular story. It was inspired by many sources and sprung mostly from the fact that I started reading alot again. The title was meant to be temporary, but it has sort of grown on me, and will likely remain, especially since I worked it into the story after I was about two-thirds of the way through the story. Many say, though I'm no longer sure I agree, that it is my best work so far. I have gotten mostly positive feedback from it, and most negative feedback simply revolved around my style of writing... which I can't do much to fix. It's just how I type. The story is very... intricate. It has a lot of twists and turns, quite a few surprises, and alot of violence and vulgar language. It's definitely earned the Mature rating I gave it. However, it consistently seems to appeal to wide audiences, and anyone who enjoys my stories, or likes Sci-Fi or Mystery, with a touch of fantasy, should check it out. I have completed it, and have actually submitted it to publishers (though no publishing deal yet). I have also edited it from the version that is posted here - changing certain details to make it more coherent.

Holy Light: (CANCELLED)
Holy Light is the sequel to my lastest story, Energy Shadow. I have high hopes for this story, but know all to well the failure of sequels. I'm hoping by mixing old characters with some new ones, it'll keep the story fresh and new. It also has a new plot, though I do intend to touch on the events of Energy Shadow from time to time. It wouldn't be a sequel otherwise, right? I've brought back my three favorite heroes from Energy Shadow for it; Nick, Adam, and Cain. I also plan to have Andrew and Sera in there, though their role is still limited and I'm not sure how active I'll make them. A few other characters may return, but I make no promises. It takes place a little over three years after the events of Energy Shadow. I have recieved some complaints from one or two or my readers of Energy Shadow about this. They were hoping it'd take place further in the future, but I think it'll be fine. I hope to have the plot as twisted and convoluted as ES was, keeping the reader guessing as to what's coming next, and have many more ideas for this story then the previous. I only hope I can live up to the prequels appeal. If you liked the first one, I urge you to give it a read.

((I have recently decided to not continue this story. If I ever do decide to write a sequel for Energy Shadow, I have a completely different idea for what it will be and what it will involve. As such, this story is only posted for feedback purposes, and in the interest of those who are... interested.))

Winning Isn't Everything: (INDEFINITE HIATUS)
Some may call me crazy, but I started Winning Isn't Everything while still working on Holy Light. I fully intended to write in them both, and had set things up so I have no choice but to... but things change, as you can see! The story itself is a little cliche; poor villager stands up to save his village and what not. However, I believe even a cliched story can be great if done right. It revolves around a twenty-two year old, self-taught swordsman with a little gift of magic. Invariably, he gets drawn into a situation where he must fight to save his village from it's lord, proving himself so the lord will sponsor Kaden in an upcoming tournament in the capital city. Taking a page from my latest stories (Energy Shadow and Holy Light), though, I will also have a bit of mystery in the story. In all, this story is more for me and my RP(Roleplaying) buddies, as I'll be incorporating many of their favorite characters into the story. Hope to get a few fans here, though.

A Devil's Tear: (ON HIATUS)
A Devil's Tear is one of my favorite stories, even those it is probably one of my least well received. I think the problem with the story is that it takes some time to get into it. That's partially because this story is HUGE, and EPIC in proportions. Though I only have part of it posted here (I may well posted the rest up here at some point), this story is incredibly long. It is actually twice as long as Energy Shadow, and only about a third done. The story has multiple story lines running through it, with a dozen or so unique characters, each with their own tale to tell. In fact, there are still some story lines that have yet to merge at the time of my typing this. But that is also why I love this story. It's incredible how grand it is, and yet, I feel like it's still very coherent. I really wish more people would read it.

Bladewarriors: Book 1: Refresh: (COMPLETE)
So, this is my current focus (as of typing this). In honor of the anniversary of the first story I ever completed (the original Bladewarriors), I have opted to finally go back and completely rewrite and update the story. Over the past decade I have gained a lot of writing experience, and skill with my language - I get complemented on my ability a lot, it seems - and I've always wanted to take these new skills and infuse them into my first and greatest love: Bladewarriors. The original tale was rather mediocre, and plain now that I look back on it, so I am now completely reworking the story. While many of the characters are still around - all of the Bladewarriors are still present, save for one or two that may change form slightly - most of the details of their origin, lives, and realms are completely different. Even the Mystic Blades themselves have been updated, and I've made each sword more unique in a number of ways. This is a great passion of mine, and I'm hoping I have the resolve to complete it. I can tell you now, this story will be huge, but it will be awesome! That's my promise to you!

UPDATE: This project was originally intended to be a single story, but due to the epic nature of the tale, I've expanded upon it. Book 1 is now complete, and covers the Bladewarriors beginnings in The Water Realm. It's a tale of them learning to use their blades and work together to accomplish the impossible. Now finished, I've begun working on Book 2 (below)

Bladewarriors: Book 2: Torcher: (ONGOING)
The second volume of the Bladewarriors Story. In guess you might not be able to guess based on the name of the book, the story follows The Bladewarriors continuing journey into and through The Fire Realm. The realm stands in stark contrast to their previous adventure, with dry arid expanses of endless desert sands. They'll run into a series of new and dangerous threats - not all of them initially obvious. As well, Book 2 will feature a bit more back story on the enigmatic Flare, giving a small insight into why he is the way he is. You can also expect Ivy to develop further and Frost to continue his antics. As a treat if you're reading this, I'll let you in on a little 'secret': The title is actually a homophone, and both words have meaning to the story. I know, I'm so very clever (just kidding).

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