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guess who's the proud new owner of a silver plated Griever necklace? oh baby, yeah!

i bite and i don't suffer fools. other than that you have to take your chances. I play Final Fantasy, Diablo and whatever other video game catches my attention. My homepage is just the place where i put my stories and artwork. Surf's up, dudes.

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What Any Lover Learns

Water is heavy silver over stone.
Water is heavy silver over stone's
Refusal. It does not fall. It fills. It flows
Every crevice, every fault of the stone,
Every hollow. River does not run.
River presses its heavy silver self
Down into stone and stone refuses.

What runs,
Swirling and leaping into sun, is stone's
Refusal of the river, not the river.

-- Archibald MacLeish

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