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Hello. I am Icarus Sun. Depending on who you are, I either hate you, don't know you exist, or think you are the greatest thing since since the word 'bug.' You are most likely not worth my time. I like the internet, loud music and large amounts of money. I like making friends over the internet. Expanding my world and such. I also lie complusively and insult my friends routinely. Get used to it. Have a nice day and remember, Jesus wants to eat your eyes. For the idiot Americans that search to find fault in my own grammar: English is not my first language, you imbeciles. What excuse do you have? About my FP account: If you are here, I probably reviewed you or someone you know. Contrary to popular belief, I do write postive reviews and my 'favorite authors' and 'favorite stories' sections are both full of poems and writers that I admire. Stop sending me viruses. It will not stop me from writing you negative reviews. I do not write. I put the poem up because I felt that if I was telling everyone else how to write I should have something of my own up. When insulting me, please use proper puncutation, capitalization and spelling. Do not use my review space a tag board; e-mail me instead. I always reply with in a day. If you must curse at me in a public manner, there is a tagboard on my blog page.


"Icarus Sun" was not an actual person. He was created by a group of high school girls in America who were looking to let off a little steam. Frustrated from being forced to read their friends' shitty poems over and over again, they teamed up to create "Icarus Sun." Underneath this code name, they reviewed hundreds of authors on Fictionpress (including their old friends' sucky poems) and gained a little fame. The poem found on this profile was little more than a silly group effort by the girls when they were bored...when they needed a pen name, they pulled from the poem and then posted it up under their new account.

The monster they created got a little out of hand, though, when they started to actually interact with people as if "Icarus Sun" was real person. Blogs, fake friends, and an entire backstory was created for the character. He was a young man orginally from Morocco, now living in New York City. He had a roommate, and his best friends were two annoying twin girls. He enjoyed orange creamsicles. The elaborate hoax fooled even the friends the girls had gone to school with, and was carried off to such a degree that one of the girls involved actually learned Arabic for the role, and is now a translator. The rest of the girls went on to become writers, and in one special case, a mad scientist. (We were surprised, too.)

The girls grew bored with "Icarus Sun" when they all graduated from high school, and the character was finally laid to rest in 2005.

We apologize for anyone who may have been hurt by Icarus. But quite frankly, your writing probably sucked, and you needed to be told.

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