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My name is Daniel, and with one as common as that, I'm safe from people knowing if it's real or not :P in case you're wondering, I'm a guy since not everyone is as talented as a gal that I'm quite fond of whom apparently has the ability of telling gender through written words (or so she thinks) and I'm a Washingtonian. Hoorah for rain.

My first relatively "successful" writing was back in the sixth grade or so. I wrote a story about zombies in a mall, and got pretty high praise from the kids, and the teacher at the time. Before that, I only did a mock newspaper that while appreciated for its humor...wasn't particularly good in any other way. Later in highschool, I ended up writing the short "scenes" that I've put on here. Most people who have read them can appreciate them for what they are. Not stories obviously, as they are all too short to be such, but merely short glimpses at what I viewed the world as at the time in the form of prose.

The first true story I've written was The Fifth Rising, though definitely not the first story I've started, it is so far the only one I've finished. I know it's a fan-fiction, but it's loosely based. One of the best comments I've received from one of the game's old players, is that if it weren't for the names of some people and areas, it could pass as a standalone story. It's gotten good reviews (though few) at the official forum, and some kind words here as well. I'm always looking for more feedback on things though. If you're reluctant to read fanfiction due to the manner in which it is typically written, I think you're safe in this instance. No mention of levels, or plus 2 swords here, and definitely, no "leet" speak.

So, based solely off the popularity and fact that I had actually finished a story finally, I began writing a sequel. Roika's Rebirth, is currently still in progress, however I do believe it to be superior to the first as it is a bit more lighthearted, and I feel, more detailed as far as character development. It's been slow going since probably chapter 5, but I am determined to have it finished. Many thanks I would like to give to Gala-net for the world with which I based my fictions on.

Currently, due to unforseen circumstances (work, and personal...stuff) my writing is trailing off somewhat. I'm still working on it, though in far more sparring amounts than I'd like. My main focus now is The City, with little dabs in some other projects, though very slight amounts.

In any case, please read and review anything. If you like it, or even if you hate, tell me why. I'm usually very good about returning the favor. Though as a heads up, I may not be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to reviewing others' works. I'm never mean, but I may very well be described as anal.

As a final note, I feel I must address that I owe a lot of my writing recently, and since the finish of The Fifth Rising, to one of my best friends, and the person who I have felt closest to in this world. She was the one who helped badger me through finishing that story while I was lagging behind, and helps to push me to write more as much as I can. I can almost assuredly say, that without her faith in my abilities (and utter lack of better things to read at times) that I would not do much writing at all. And so, I have to give a large thank you to my friend Rachel, without whom what little gift I may have, would surely not get much time to breathe.

For whatever reasons, I feel the need to sort of put a list of the projects that are in my head that will either very likely never see "ink" or the stuff that I'm still just working details out on and such. I will give little bits of descriptive nonsense, more for myself than anybody, just as a guide in a way for me if I ever start having problems with my memory and need reminders, but also as just little tidbits and glances at what may be through my brain at any given moment...yeah, jump for joy.

The Fifth Rising - Complete. Not much more to say about that really.
Roika's Rebirth - The second installment. The title I'm not sure about yet, it's just a filler for now. In reality, I'm thinking it may work better as the title for the next bit. Writing on this has mostly stopped for now, but I am still bloody determined to get these stories out, since it's not often I think up a series of related stories...or at least not in the way that most would think I suppose.
The Gods of Lais - In reality, this is just a filler title as well, and I'm playing with the idea of switching it with the second story, because in my head the switch could be more beneficial to the flow of things. So far, this is the last installment of what I would have to call (because none of the three stories alone would be big enough to warrant their own book) Roika Chronicles, or something equally as formulaic and cliche. God help me, and believe me, I tried to think a way around a trilogy, but I couldn't. Hopefully that will change and perhaps I'll shoot out a fourth, even though I know of at least one person who wouldn't like that. Alas I have to get to that point first.

Worlds Together - Sci-fi Romance, attempt. The sci-fi came about actually on its own, or at least elements of it, and certain scenes. The romance came about due to two things really. One, me having the goal of writing stories that are far ranged and cover as many different genres (as I know of them on fictionpress) as I can possibly muster, and Two, which is none of your business most likely. Incomplete, but believe it or not, I don't start a single story and stop thinking about what to add to them, whether work on them have stopped or not, I'm still constantly working on them and seeing the scenes that prompted writing the story to begin with.

The City - My cyberpunk story. I actually have pretty high hopes for this story, not just because it's a genre somebody who's very close to me likes, but because it's the first real attempt at a story with a fair sized cast that I hope to have a decently focused and equal development for them all. This is currently in progress, but of the sort where I'm actually constantly forcing myself to actually try and work on it consistently, so updates should come frequent in a manner of speaking.

Shadows In Dark - I know I have it listed as Shadows in the Darkness, but I've decided to change the title, as I think this one is more suiting for what I had in mind. The prior title conveys more of a mystical feel to it than what I've edited it to I believe, and that is exactly the point I'm trying to stray from, and eliminate the idea of magic from the world of ninja. In progress, IE: working on like The City.
Shadows In Light - The sister story, or whatever, to Shadows In Dark. Somehow, it was soon after I developed the idea for SiD (which, if you knew how exactly that came'd think I was insane or something) I came up with ideas that I didn't believe suited for the same story, and so devoted those to the shelf space in my brain directly next to it. Hence, a sequel, and luckily, no ideas leading to a third, especially with titles like these, what would I end up with? Shadows In Your Closet?

Crossbones - Because I always found the whole internet nerddom discussions on ninja/pirate relations so funny, soon after developing the ninja story, I developed the pirate one as well. (Ok, so maybe it was the other way around, I can't remember now) The title I'm not sure about yet obviously, it's just that way for now to make sure I remember where to go to add to the pirate story basically.

Times That Bind - This is a project that would actually be slightly hard for me to pinpoint an origin to. I've always had sort of a fascination or whatever with immortal beings. I've also always liked themes. So then I guess maybe I combined the two sort of. The title would make sense (or at least, some sense) if I got it to the point it made sense for me to use in my mind, but that is quite some time away especially for a project that's on hold for now. Some of the scenes were still good enough though to where I do think about it fairly frequently, and hope to add to it a little bit at a time when I hit some blockage on the three or four that I'm working on actively right now.

The Art - One of those projects that I had bred in my mind a fair while ago, but I hadn't started writing anything on until much later. I would have continued with more writing on it, if it weren't for the fact that sometimes when I see something on TV or whatever, that reminds me of it, I get a little depressed, because I start to think that if I began putting out my writing now, that people would make the types of comparisons of the like in which they basically call me a thief. I am constantly afraid of that, and more than anything, that's why certain ideas get almost permanent back burner status. I say almost because even regardless of that fact, I still do plan to at least finish the stories and post them, because it's in my nature to look for those comments, and basically tell them to stick them some place unpleasant.

Public Security - This is actually a story I've started working on fairly recently. I have two chapters written, just not submitted yet, and the title is still iffy. It hadn't occurred to me until I started watching my new box set of Ghost in the Shell, that they were Section 9, but they were Public Security Section 9, which, while also fictional...well...I'm hesitant to use the title still because of. Though, for now, it works fine within the realm of another story, or series of stories or whatever that I'd had brewing in my brain for years now. Cops, of a sort, that deal in crimes usually related to "Casters" (yes, people who have magical abilities). It wasn't my plan until recently that it would be connected to, either leading into, or leading from depending on how I feel like when they get closer to complete...or even started really, to the next story I'll mention.
DSD - So, in this idea, I'd have to check the year I started it up, but it was a fair while ago. The government, upon being "invaded" by demons and such following a strange event that made the sky bleed, invented the Department of Supernatural Defense. Yes, I realize something like that was the premise of Hellboy, however, if I checked my dateline, I think I probably had ideas for it before I saw the movie. Anyways, I'm still not sure how I'm going to keep the focus of the story. I like the idea of a wide cast on this one, much like The City, though I don't know if it'll work as well. Either way, the story will follow the lives or progress of any one of a number of Agkeloi, (which, either is grammatically correct for the pluralization of Agkelos, or it's my own invention, either way, the greek word for Angel), and in my writing of Public Security, I've already started writing out references to them, though there probably won't be that many in actuality.

Jack Baron - Born from only God knows where. There was a scene in my head, and I just ran with it, and ended up liking it enough to start building off of it from basically nothing. The namesake of the story, is a member of the Alien Liberation Force (Faction, some "f" word just because I'm obsessed with using the acronym of ALF when pertaining to aliens at this point). Just about the only thing I am sure of, is some fairly large things to bring up in the course of the story, but based on the group name alone, I know I'm going to try and go the route of a comedy more than others...not that I can help it really. Still, gotta work some stuff out on it, mostly I know I'm going to use third person...but past that, I am still wrestling myself on how to start the damn thing.

Cat's Cradle - So, this one came about due to a strange dream I had, and decided that if anything, it would be the only story I could even make a stab at all at for horror, or suspense or whatever. It's hard for me to think of doing a horror story, mostly just because I can't think of many things that scare or would scare or freak me out, but they would most likely make me laugh or something. The title came about from one scene in it in which a woman (who was moments ago just a girl) is standing naked having just walked through a door into a room with two men, and they're talking yadda yadda, and well, it has to do with interdimensional travel and stuff. To illustrate her point, she tears thin strips of flesh off of her breasts, and makes a cat's cradle, or whatever that thing is where little girls play with a piece of string that's all criss crossing and stuff. Yeah...that's it, but mostly, it's also something I really want to happen, because of the potential for references. I'm big into connecting stories together in some way or another, and like, that's my ultimate goal. If ever I were to get stuff really out there to a fan base, I think it'd be cool to have little references that the fans who paid attention and were as anal as myself would see and get a little kick out of. Nothing lends itself to that goal nearly so much as this story, so I'm looking forward to eventually getting something down for it.

The Reunion - Some crap I was writing still back in...I think junior high. Short story, still not finished. I will probably finish and post for little other reason than to say I finished it, but it really isn't very even by my own standards for my writing. Oh well.

Diablo - I was thinking about doing a Diablo fanfiction at some point based around characters that gave their namesakes to the set items. I was obsessed with set items (hell still am when I dust off the ol Diablo II battlechest) and thought to make stories based on them in some way or another. Nothing really happening with it, especially since there are a lot of sets, and therefore a lot of characters, and also I just couldn't really pin down a central storyline that I wanted to run with quite yet. Oh well, maybe eventually I will jump back on that horse.

FFT - Another fanfiction, though this one was going to be based on the world created for Final Fantasy Tactics, my favorite final fantasy titled game ever, bar none. It was going to follow one character who came from one of many ruined kingdoms due to the war, who then ended up being put on the trail of Ramza and his band of folks. Because of that story idea, I would jot down every bit of important to not so important details that followed the actual story progression of my game, including even what enemies I fought at each story progressing battleground. I was never sure how far the trail would go with him, whether there would be some point where he realized that Ramza wasn't somebody who deserved to be assassinated, or he'd follow him to and past the end of the game, at which point I could have a "what happened after the game" story arc of my own. Undecided still, as I am with the title, but because of my fondness for the game, the idea itself also remains so to me.

Superhero - Ok, so this one was another that I had some idea toward it being more comedy driven. That's not the title, I'm just undecided and haven't really started writing it out in my head yet for the most part aside from character designs. So, there's this bad ass group of heros who are kind of snobbish and such, but due to the loss of one of their own, they hold auditions to replace the member. As things go, they get nothing but really crappy superheroes. Some with nothing ability wise to offer, but for the most part, just with some major issues like no power control, or something along those lines. Well, the story follows each hero from that time on, one of whom I had the idea to bring back as a villain, only ten times more badass than he was when he was turned down, and totally wreak havoc on the city. The others, I was still deciding on.

Feral - So a long time ago as well, I came up with the idea to write a world where there are were-peoples of all sorts of beast lineage, whom I would call ferals, rather than were-(insert animalia here) since I felt that would get repetitive. I was always still interested in that idea, it's just sorta sitting on my shelf though collecting some dust still. I want to get to it eventually, but I guess recently...well...I get weirded out by stuff that puts me in mind of my own writing, and this crappy looking movie called Skinwalkers or whatever did just that. Weirded me out, and kinda turned the idea off for me since getting it out now, would basically just open up all sorts of idiocy from people thinking I would rip off of that. (not that i've seen it, though i plan too since it looks so crappy)

Untitled - the biggun. It has no title, or more precisely, none of them have titles. This is going to be a series of books, and the way it plays in my head it will be at the very least...five...that I can remember...since I never put them all down...which sucks now. Still, they would be a series of books following a cop, with some secrets, which would take until probably the final, or second to last story to actually come out, and it wouldn't even be a secret that I play up either. Through the course of the series, some might notice it, some might not, but either way I'm gonna spring it on everybody like a bear trap and see if it changes certain perceptions of the character. As mentioned before, I love tie-ins, and this would be the series of stories that would be my big "shorts" tie-in, by putting in little tidbits of reference from each of the shorts I wrote back in highschool for vocabulary into the stories for fun to see if anybody would be able to see them.

Daughter Story - So, even as The City is on a fair roll of its own. Up to about 40,000+ words, and hopefully only about half way through with it, I of course start thinking up other story ideas. I can't help it, I have writing ADD. One of which is this story about a woman who is searching for her daughter, leaving a nice big trail of blood and guts in her wake. More to come hopefully. I like the idea of writing a female lead character.

Japanese Story - This one I have totally to blame my dear Rachel for. So, this gal is totally crazy for Shadowrun. Some of you may have heard of/played this RPG. The tabletop one. Not the SNES one, which admittedly is my only real exposure to the world, or the infinitely horrible version made for the xbox 360/pc. She plans on getting me into the process of playing, which I'm not opposed to...anyways, in the process of me thinking up character creation, which is actually one of the things I've always found most fun about almost any RPG I've ever played, I started thinking out a character that might be nifty, but started playing him in a totally different way than the planned gameage that she had in mind. Japan, following an alternate arc in history due to an event caused by...well...this guy named Yukio Mishima. Look him up, or better yet, if you want, read Patriotism by him. It's an excellent short story, quite beautiful if you ask me. Anyways, history thrown in one direction it could have gone rather than how it did, due in large part to him, and we're in alternate "present/future" Japan. That's as far as I've mostly gotten. Just a few ideas plot wise really, but it's the sort of character I'd love to create a series of stories on.

Over The Line - I'm somewhat obsessed with stories that follow somewhat average people. This idea actually came because of the city I live in. I thought, how interesting might it be to be a bus driver? Public have to end up with the mis/fortune of meeting a wide variety of people, even if it's not on a deep level, you get that just by riding it half the time, and that's only for half an hour at most at a time usually. So, I started playing with ideas and found a few that I liked, some of the events of which, will be based as often as I can on personal experience/word of mouth of such things from others who ride the bus. I think it could end up being pretty interesting.

The Western - I like cowboys. I like westerns. I haven't written anything remotely, or even thought of anything for a cowboy type story. I've got inklings, also, strangely enough, due to where I live now...which doesn't make nearly as much sense as where I used to, but whatever. It actually came about due to some street signs to tell you the truth. Isn't inspiration odd? Anyways...nothing big yet...just something that may come up later.

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