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Author has written 5 stories for Fantasy, and Romance.

I write as a form of stress-relief. I publish on here because I figure that someone else should get to meet these characters that live in my head.

Here's some fan art by Instagram's Jessie_gardens: Hand of Grace Fan Art

Another link if you prefer Tumbler: Hand of Grace artwork

I'm trying to be a considerate FPer by reading and commenting on other people's stories. If you'd like me to read something specific, let me know. (Why yes, I AM procrastinating...why do you ask?)

Since I include references to Richmond here and there, here is the perfect link for you to savor RVA: Taste of Richmond.

I realize that I look at other people's profiles and that is inherently unfair since I barely have anything on here myself. I don't think I have a lot of terribly interesting things to say except through my characters and my stories. I used to read a lot of novels, but these days I find myself doing most of my reading online. I need to go back to novel-reading so I can learn more. I go back and read some of the earlier chapters of Hand of Grace and I cringe when I see the sentence construct.

I wrote the "Dragon and the Lady of Whitestone" when I was in school and I was constantly writing things. As I've said in one of my author's notes, my reasons for writing Hand of Grace were more complex; I constantly write scenes and blurbs, but somehow HoG turned into a response to norms in fiction, specifically, how female characters are stupid, constantly hysterical and need a man to save them. I would read a terrible scene in a novel, get mad and write a response scene of Anne being awesome in HoG. I would read a terrible scene in a novel, get mad and write a response scene of my male leads being respectful to the females in their lives or in the alternative, acting crappy to the females in their lives and realizing that they've done wrong. "Friend, Foe and Friend" was my first attempt to figure out the cubi mythos because vampires gross me out. (I also have a terrible time giving blood because of my small veins. I'm sure the two are related.) I think I was toward the end of school when I wrote FFF. Maybe i was newly graduated. Anyway, it has strong religious themes because of what I was studying at the time.

Okay so about Hand of Justice: my problem is that I'm still not sure about the ending. I have a dozen scenes mapped out and a dozen more already written in addition to what's been posted, but until I figure out where things are going, I'm hesitant to post the next scene. Actually, that's not true...the main reason for the delay is that the next scene is Teles meeting his in-laws and I had to write that scene from scratch and I'm only half-way through. Kirsten & the Beast was supposed to be a short distraction that would give me extra fodder for HoJ, but it's taken longer than I anticipated. Someone clearly needs to get rescued. But who should get rescued? Then i also have the problem with the Hand of Justice himself. He's too darn powerful. I want a not-stupid way of keeping him from solving the problem with a wave of his wrist and a flash of his eyes. (I think I've figured this part out, btw.)

Anyway, I'm just rambling at this point. I figured some of my HoJ readers would look at my profile to see what's going on with the story. It's not abandoned and i promise I won't go too much longer without an update.

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