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I thought I would add a little more to my bio, which has been here for quite a few years now. So let's see...

Name: n-chan (what, you thought I'd tell you my real name?)
Age: 26
City of Birth: Chicago, IL
Currrent Residence: A small town in British Columbia, Canada
Inspirations: Korean Dramas, the music in Korean Dramas, East Indian Dramas, Laura Esquivel, the book "Like Water for Chocolate", magical realism, true love, wonderful peer reviews (hint, hint)

Now, some tidbits about the story that I am writing currently writing right now:

Somewhere In Time: This is inspired by one of my favorite (or is that favourite, now that I'm in Canada?) Korean Dramas, third only to Love Lost in Time and the Bizarre Bunch (I miss those shows). There are a lot of little things that pay homage to this series, and if you've seen it, try to point out all the little things! I also like to use a little magical realism, or what I think is magical realism, or even serendipity, as a kind reviewer pointed out to me, to really bring people into the story. Plus, it's been said that I have the ability to illustrate scenes so people really feel like they are there, so hopefully I'm doing that, too. Otherwise, it's just my sucky writing. Chapter Six is up!

Review Response Happy Hour: I'd like to take the time to thank some of the people who left a review and answer their questions. This will rotate every now and again.

sterlingdouglas: Thank you for pointing that out to me! Ironically, Stephanie is my best friend IRL, and I just happened to be speaking with her when I started this project. The name Izzy should really be there. And sometimes, phrases seem unfinished because they are. I'm trying to make it seem like the mind as much as possible! I know I have a lot of unfinished thoughts and ideas, but let's not get into that right now...Also, Korean soaps aren't always the same. They usually have a shorter run that traditional soaps in the States and maybe even Australian. Korean soaps can be as short as 10-20 episodes and as long as 170 episodes, but they don't usually go beyond a year, the most I've seen is about nine months. The Korean Soap Opera that inspired this story was only 20 measly episodes. Sad, right? Anyway, I'm glad you don't think I'm rushing, because I'm REALLY trying not to. It wouldn't seem right. Thanks for your review.

Shadowed Echo: Thanks for your comments. In answer to your criticism which was a very good question, this actually stems from my own experiences with my beloved. Sometimes, we can be so absent-minded when we are gazing into the eyes of the one we're attracted to, that if anyone says anything around us, even yells something, we won't always hear it when we're off in our own little world. One time, when I was with my guy, my mother called our names about four times and we still didn't hear her. However, I'm going to explain that more in chapter six, so thank you for bringing it up. I really appreciate it.

Wolfie Star26: Thank you for pointing out little errors like that! Of all the errors I usually make, that's the one that always plagues me. I made the appropriate changes, and will really look at things before I publish. I always reread things, but to have another set of eyes helps as well. As for the flaws of the characters, they are coming. If you notice, Maile can't really convey her deepest emotion unless she plays the piano...otherwise, she's as cool as a cucumber, unlike the overly emotional Izzy. Hmm, did I just give away a clue? Also, I mention that Julian seems like he's got the perfect gig, but that could very well-change. Korean soaps always keep me going because true character development takes so bloody long and when you see something interesting, it's like "OHMYGOSH!". I don't know if you saw it, but the Bizarre Bunch (Two Peculiar Man, Two Peculiar Women) really did this well, and I miss that soap already. But thank you for your words, and I hope you come back and read. Unfortunately, I don't get Korean soaps here in Northern BC, which is pretty sad. But I'll manage. That said, I think you will enjoy what I have in store for chapter six.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully, there will be other series here for you to read, but right now, I love writing Somewhere in Time, and I have a lot more story to tell. Keep reading, and please tell me what you think!
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