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Today, February 24th, 2006, it has been decided that an updated bio is required.

My novel covering two German soldiers during the First World War has finally gone airborne, though I'm still slugging through the initial chapters. The idea's fully up there in meinem Kopf, but I've still got a load of work to do on it. Otherwise, Theodor (changed from Theorton out of personal preference for the name) is still puttering along. Each time, I like it more and more.

Feel free to email me, bring up an AIM/MSN conversation, or write a review if you feel the need. (Preferably constructive ctritism. Not 'Wow! It was good,' or 'Man, that sucked.') (MSN = TaniciusHP @ hotmail . com, spaces not included...)


Jetzt werden Sie meine Arbeit lesen?


Theodor (Theorton) Schlitz (As of November, 2005)

At a grand total of some 300,000 words, all five drafts included, and some two and three-fourths years of plot and character devolopment, the story has almost so significantly changed that I don't believe the first and fifth drafts are
recognizable. I don't know what it is, aside from what seems to be just a liking with many of the story's characters, that keeps me going. Nevertheless, and at great sacrifice to my image as a writer, I'm sure, I will keep every draft ever written still here, largely for archival purposes, as my computer's crashed maybe three times since I wrote the
very first chapter.

General Notices:

As Fictionpress does not take responsibility for reviews of any sort, and since I have the option to delete anonymous reviews I deem offensive at my own discretion, I have come to the conclusion that, to avoid any irritation altogether, I’ll simply disable anonymous reviews. Deeper within the following paragraph lies the raison d'être:

If you’d also be so keen as to notice, there is a second novel posted on my small crag in Fictionpress, and I sadly can’t take credit. Indeed, the masterful reviews left behind by one “another random guy” could surely amount into a book of their own nature. If the reader would prefer, please take the time to loiter in the review section of Theorton Schlitz: Draft Three and admire the anger and veracity with which this arbitrary misfit inscribes. No doubt, you’ll find his artwork as good-humored and sensible as I. Ladies and gentlemen, on your way out, thank another random guy for his time and the vigor he so emphatically utilizes to entertain us.

With that said, it pains me to add that ARG can no longer submit reviews, neither with his account nor anonymously. Of course should he chose to email me, I'd welcome a message of any sort with open arms.

Vielen Dank,


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