Black Nightshade
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Hey, I'm Black Nightshade! (Real name Christine, nicknames Crash and Cyrene)I usually write about cartoons (i.e.:Hey Arnold!, ect.), anime (i.e.: Ranma, The Slayers, ect, and movies (The Mummy, Labyrinth). I like flowers and yes, even some weeds. I enjoy writing, art, and music greatly. To get alittle more realistic I'm just a chicklit who loves writing and reading, ye know? I'm faerly new to sharing my work, though, so be kind, aight? Right now I've only written, for anime, straight couples.. maybe some yaoi/yuri, I'm getting into it but you just wait for that, kays? By the way, I *do* take requests on fics but please, no hentai! I'd have a nosebleed before finishing. I *do* take requests for non-anime fics as well, why anyone would want me to write one for them, no clue, but hey, why not? Note: I usually write romance.. especially Xelloss/Ameria.. Helga/Arnold.. Tomoyo/Eriol.. and Ukyou/Konatsu!