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Name: Kurzes Haar

Age: Legal adult (although I don't act like one)

DOB: My mom says I was born on the coldest day of the year

Location: Studying abroad in Germany

Likes: Languages (currently studying German 6.5 years and Japanese 3.5 years), traveling, school (gaspy), learning new things, arts and crafts, drawing, crocheting, anime and manga (the good stuff...my boyfriend and I are jaded otaku, we've decided), doodling during class, Avatar: the last airbender, dying my hair different colors, Shakespeare (favorite plays: Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's dream, The Merchant of Venice), my best friend-turned-boyfriend

Dislikes: Attempting to pronounce French, chick flicks, rabid fangirls, overpoplular anime that isn't even that good, stories and movies so full of clich├ęs that I want to puke, Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, Romeo and Juliet, bad grammar and spelling

Hi _ In hopes to stay with my mother tongue, I'd like to offer myself as an editor/beta to any aspiring writers who feel that they need an editor/beta. I'd appreciate being able to work with English for a while instead of the usual German and Japanese affair. It'd be sweet. The works you see below are old, high school old. As a junior in college, I've learned that you don't really get to write what you want to write. Of course I have ideas popping around in my head, but getting them down on paper is about as easy as trying to find Kraft macaroni and cheese in Germany.

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An Eternity With You by Tears of My Heart reviews
Thrown into the world of vampires, Abby is only just beginning to understand the very real danger that she is in, the very real love that existed between her and a vampire who knew her in a past life, and the man that she loves now.
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Nik has a lot on her plate, like writing her next bestseller and snooping about for celeb gossip for her boss's tabloid. Enter Mason, who is broody, irritating, and has a dangerous past that ends up making Nik a celeb in a way she never expected.
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DeathlyTabloidsOfOurSoProfoundAmericanCulture by Perfect Bliss reviews
Suicide. Depression. Anorexia. Plastic Surgeries. Divorce. War. Lack of culture & words. AIDS. Ridiculous Pop Divas & Sorry ass Hip Hop Icons. Pathetic Madonnas puking in gas stations. Makes me wonder what's wrong with this world.
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Open Mic Night reviews
I didn't want to go out that night, I just wanted to stay in and work on my art. But my friends dragged me out to the bar, and that's when I saw him singing my song. [one shot] Dedicated to the one guy who makes me heart throb.
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a few summers ago i spent 6 weeks in Africa. Needless to say, as soon as i got home i missed the dark continent fiercly. Here is a poem i wrote in 8th grade about how nights were in Africa for me.
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