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Birthday: September 13th, 1989

Age: 18

Favorite Color(s): Crimson, and Royal Blue

Hair Color: Dark brown, curly.

Hair Looks: OMFG! I just cut it! It's now ten inches shorter! HOORAY! So, it's like...Willy Wonka short now...

Eye Color: Hazel, but can be anywhere from black to limegreen.

Favorite Animal: Orca Whale, dinos, & Gorillas

Favorite Mythical Animal: Dragons, Centaurs, & Shades

Friends: I Love to make new friends, and I'm nice until you piss me off then I basically can make you go crying to your mommy!

Fashion: I wear a what I want. It's usually black, or lime green, or god forbid one of my tyedyed shirts.

Personalities: I've been known to be a bitch, a really good person, or really funny. You can choose one!

Weaknesses: I am TERRIFIED of Clowns, I am claustraphobic, and I DON'T LIKE SLUGS! NASTY SLIMY THINGS! Oh, and Moles ((the animals)) freak me out too...eeewww...

Pet Peeve's:

1) I WILL KILL KIKYOU! ((from Inu Yasha))

2) I will kill liars.

3) I WILL respond to hate mail BECAUSE I enjoy a good debate, and I will think you're stupid...yup.

4) I HATE the color pink.

5) I don't know why, but some people just piss me off. I usually love everyone...does that make me a hippie?

Quotes from other people (favorites. Duh):

~Can't sleep...Clowns will eat me!

~Darkness swirled against Darkness and was gone.


~Shit...that's not good.



~How dare you talk to me like that vermin!

~Such widdle fingers!

~Man, I just hate it when vampire goats, and leprachaunic mutant sheep join forces and start to eat the legion of humming grasshoppers...

~Those who live in darkness, wander aimlessly.

~ Insecurities are about as useful as putting the pin back in the grenade.

My Quotes:



~Whoops! Did I do that:evil smile:

~KAH! KAHKAHKAHKAHKAHKAHKAHKAH:vulture being scared away from bubbles:

~I see you:points:



~WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAT:bird noise:


~What if I had a boat...and that boat had a banana...and that banana had a bandana...or what if I just go now...:sits in a corner:

~TWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!...:ruffel's imaginary feathers:

~From Hell I have been cast out, so there forth, I am alone, until my darkness is lit with the light of your holiness.

~Shit on crackers, shit on toast...Shit on EVERYTHING I love most!


~I had eyebrows like Hagrid's! THEY WERELIKE FREAKIN' MONKEY BROWS!


Favorite Book: Xanth Series

Favorite Manga: Pet Shop of Horrors, Inu Yasha, FAKE, Yami no Matsuei, Hellsing, Loveless, Naruto, D.N.Angel, All Yaoi Mangas.

Favorite Anime:Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, BenTen

Favorite Movie: Does Invader Zim count? All of Hiyao Mizaki's films, 10th Kingdom, SntD: Kim Possible, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, AVP, and Man of the House

Likes: Writing, painting, talking, reading, riding (horses, and bikes), and camping.

Favorite Location: China! I actually went there!

Word of the Month: Oh my golly gee willigers!

Favorite Food: Gold fish, Mushrooms, Okra, Ice Cream, and Chips

Favorite Drinks:
Orange Juice, Mountain Dew ((I was raised on the stuff!)), Grape Juice, and Grape Soda!

Other Contacts:

Gaia Online: Hazel Fitzroy

Neopets: Lyra333orcablue

The Hex files: Hazel Fitzroy Reinging Fyre

AdultFanfiction: RainingFire

Deviantart: ReigningFyre ((GO THERE NOW!))

Live Journal: ReigningFyre

Websites I recomend 'cause most are my sites... yeah...:

OMFG! My sister just joined! SQUEAL! Her name is BrandonLeeFan so GO READ HER STUFF AND COMMENT WELL ON IT! She thinks she's bad, but she's NOT:glares:

Anywho's...If I find out you've flamed her, I shall make you rue the day you heard the word, 'Fanfiction' ...Gooday!

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