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Hi, everyone, I am Destin. I'm a 16 year old, sarcastic, hyper, well I'm a random teenage girl. I live in South Jersey (New Jersey...but I live in the south, so we like to be 'cool' and say we are South Jersey. ha ha ha ha don't be jeolous.) Anywayz, I spend most of my time, basically writing stories, online, and talking to the best person in the world Mike (known as Ace Bandit on here) Yes, he is much, more than a friend, and yes I do and will alwayz love him.
So anywayz, I have a hatred for mainly everything else, besides, Mike, some of my friends, anime/manga, and some manga fictions on here. I really hate, annoying people, that are sexist, racist, etc., most teenagers, people that do stuff just for attention (protending to be depressed), liars, and people who think, that they can actually stop me and Mike from taking over the world. Ok, just face it you can't. It's destiny.

Now, I'm going to say, thanks, thanks everyone whom put the time in the read my work , and review. You people, are great. I've been writing Socerer of Destiny for about 3 years now, and I was so happy when I found this site, cause that meant that people (besides my brother ) would read my stories.
I'm glad lots of you like my stories.
Also remember, if I reviewed your's everything I said was true!(I do put cool story, and great chapter, on numberous reviews, BUT I only put that for the stories, I like, or at least see promise in.) Anywayz, You people are great, and thank you for reviewing. You will never know how much it means to me.
I do not review a person's story when I don't like it. Flamers are mean. Oh,and that doesn't mean, when I stop reviewing yours (probably because my stupid email sometimes, never gets the author alerts, maybe fictionpress's fault) it does not mean that, I don't like your stuff. If I haven't reviewed your work, and you have updated, and it's been weeks, please email me.
And yes, I do review you, if you review me, because I only find it fair (that doesn't mean, if I reviewed you, you HAVE to review me. If you do, it's really nice of you, but still I wouldn't hate you if you don't)

Want to know what order to read this anime series ? Read it in this order, or skip around. (Example you can read Neon Legends, and never read Zuekilen)

1. Sorcerer of Destiny: Beginning of Destiny's story (This needs SERIOUS editting. I will edit it soon, but read with this as a warning)

2. Sorcerer of Destiny : Zuekilen city Disapearings

3. Sorcerer of Destiny: Illusion of Green

4. Sorcerer of Destiny : A Strange Day in Crescent Star

5. Sorcerer of Destiny : Blast to the future

6. Sorcerer of Destiny : SR59

7. Sorcerer of Destiny: Neon Legends

Summery of Sorcerer of Destiny :
Chapter 1(season 1 ):
Chucky is a young 59(looks 12)year old zeline, from the galaxy Crescent Star. He is the youngest prince of his galaxy right now. Basically it's about him growing up, fighting bad people, and whatnot. Believe me it's much better than it sounds, right now I have a tv blasting in my ear, and I'm not feeling that good. I'm a little hyper, and alot sick.

Now I have to go auf weidersehen...that was just stupid.

By the way...

My friends in real life
Chuckytigerstargrl(Though she doesn't have anything up now...)--

My boyfriend--

Damn I hate family, im me or email me if you want my xanga

My deviantART: http:///

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