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I live in Ontario, Canada and my favourite anime shows of all time...Escaflowne and Gundam Wing.
I just LOVE Miliardo, as you can see by the picture off to the right.
*sigh* he's so handsome...but very, very sad.

I really LOVE to read Gundam Wing fics. They're simply the best!! I also like reading CardcaptorSakura,
Escaflowne, and Sailormoon. Sometimes I read DragonBallZ and Digimon as well if the mood strikes. ^_^

I am currently working on my Cardcaptor fic. Right now I'm working on the twenty fifth chapter and hope
to have it done soon. I'll write for other categories as well(most likely Gundam Wing and Sailormoon),
but not until I'm done the fic I'm writing now. I have a DragonBallZ story I started, but, on account
of the fact that I think it sucks, I won't be finishing it. ^_^;; I'll probably replace it with a better
wrtitten DragonBallZ fic if I can think of something good.

I have absolutely no problem with Yaoi. In fact, I think there are some REALLY good Yaoi fics out there
and I love reading them. ^_^ Especially Gundam yaoi, my favourite pairings are 1x2(Heero and Duo in case
you didn't know ^*) I like 3x4(Trowa and Quatre) as well, and I love the idea of Treize and Zechs(or
Miliardo if you prefer). I really think there should be more TreizexZechs fics out there, I adore them! I don't
mind Yuri but I don't make a habit of reading it.

~~~~~~~~I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who! And Red Dwarf...and Black Adder...and Sapphire and Steel!...and...
well...^_^a I'm getting carried away. Anyways, I LOVE British Sci-fi, it's the BEST! Okay, so the special effects
aren't that great, but, what do you want! some of what I just mentioned(like some episodes of Doctor Who)
were done in the SIXTYS for crying out loud! But they are GREAT! And Red Dwarf is hil~arious!! Oh! And I'm
still angry at the people who made Sapphire and Steel...why you ask?...why, because, if you've seen the
episodes, you'd know they ended the series in a complete CLIFFHANGER!!!! Argh! They can't DO that! *sigh*
Oh well...what am I going to do about it? And, in my opinion, they should have made more episodes. *gets
all starry-eyed.* Sapphire and Steel look so PERFECT together. *ehem* Sorry, I'm of the mind that they
should have realized they loved each other in the episodes...because they did! They almost kissed! But that
stupid women interrupted them...grrr. ^_^ Okay, I'm done ranting...sort of.

~~~~~~~~I am female, and pretty easy going and open minded. My favourite subject is English, gotta love it! I
love reading books-fantasy and science-fiction mostly-and I love anime(of course!!) When summer rolls
around, I love spending as much time outside as possible. I adore the outdoors and the scent on the
winds of a cool summer's breeze is one of the best things in the world!

I'm very even tempered, but if you flame out!! ^_^ I'm kind of quiet in life, unless I'm
hyper or angry ^_^, but on the computer I'm much more...loud mouthed ^_^;;

Anyways...that's me.