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I'm just roaming for the moment (and yes, I did rip that off, and this too) There's no time to search the world around, cause you know where I'll be found. When I come around...

Of course, credit to Green Day for the above words. Those three guys rock like nobody's business. I just can't believe Blink headlined Pop Disaster... what a shame.

Ok, so it's about time I wrote something original up here, I guess. Just so you know, I didn't choose to be the way I am. I was born this way, so deal with it...

I am a writer, and I am not afraid to admit it

This is not a condition or a choice... it is a way of life and I can't help but follow it. I may not be good (or I may be, who knows?) but whatever the case, I will be good. Nay, great! The best, and that you can count on.

I try to do reviews up here, and I adore getting them (I know you have read that sentence countless times already, but I had to write it anyway) so feel free. If I don't get to reviewing you for a while please, don't despair, I will eventually get around to quality reviewing all those who do me.

That said, I think I just made this bio a whole hell of a lot more boring, and completely less worth it to read. Oh well.

Enjoy and adieu!

P.S. I simply must complain about how this site messes up everything that I have formatted a specific way. You just don't get the full effect. It is a damn shame, I tell you!

Oh, and one more thing. This is exactly the kind of thing that I hoped I would never have to do, but it seems there is a density in this world that makes it necessary. People, my Essay on Childhood Myths is a fucking light satire! There is nothing in that argument that is serious in the least. What kind of fool would believe truly that the cure for teenage angst would be to appoint a citizen to the role of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth-fairy by mixing the right herbs to give them the appropriate magics? No! Dear lord, all I am saying is that, for the most part, teenagers are angry at their parents for really stupid reasons, and this essay is a humorous foray into telling you literal, literal dopes such.

You are supposed to laugh and think, "Wow, you know that's pretty true, but not in the literal sense."

If you don't think it is funny in the least, even in the subtle way that I intended, you are perfectly free to go watch Jenny Jones instead. Surely that will amuse you.

Sonnet 16 by Salim Narek reviews
I got into the habit of writing sonnets a few years ago... here's one in the spirit of Edna St. Vincent Millay.
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