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Yay! I got up a nice "diary" site for me...I should be writing in it each day, and if you're not interested in the entries, you can find out a ton about me on the left column. the site has a very nice design and i hope you like it, it goes along with writing because a diary requires

if your interested!

also i made my personal site a new design with some cool stuf...

check it out :)

Hey there, I'm new and I hope I can get good at this stuff...heh...:D I'm a friend in real life with one of the authors and he kinda brought me here, it might take me a while to learn all the lingo so bear with me...

Anyway, I'm just about finishing my second year of web and graphic design, I'm really interested in it and I hope to continue for a while. If you'd like to see examples, I have a few sites up at the moment, my homepage my Australia site, Enjoy!

I'm very glad to join and anxious to write some stories, but be warned of M/M etc...ok? Thanks! :) Here's some quick stuff about me:

Sexuality- Gay

Age- 14

Music- Linkin Park, Evanescence, Avril, Puddle of Mudd, Tatu ( know why...) any action movie soundtrack lol, some techno stuff, anything from really enjoy my music.

Location- The tiniest little town in Massachusetts...NO, yours is NOT smaller! lol...

Sanity and Sense of humor- Intact...for the moment :D

Likes- Waterfalls, mist, anything that clouds reality lol..., night time,, pizza, chinese/japanese, tacos, music, books, computers, web design, graphic design, photography, sunsets, friends, AIM, MSN, the internet, writing, reading, reviewing, changing my wallpaper..., browsing deviantart for more wallpaper, downloading music, making games, cliffhangers (mwahahaha!) browsing forums, browsing in general, getting up early for no particular reason..., staying up late for no particular reason..., chatting, not chatting, watching movies (action/comedy/etc like james bond, minority report, bourne identity, the matrix, monty python, planes trains+automobiles, etc), playing games (tomb raider, smash bros, no one lives forever, zelda), watching tv (daria, simpsons, malcolm, family guy, music vids, spongebob (hehe) and some other funny shows...), life in general, peace and quiet, nice scenery, darkness, sleeping, school (sometimes...), weekends, holidays, gum, candy, IMAX and OMNI theater movies, the science center, malls (somewhat..besides the crowds), fluffy stories, and so much more...coming soon! lol...

Dislikes- daytime, days without clouds, natural/national disasters, death, sickness, sadness, too much happiness, morning people, people who are chatterboxes when I WANNA BE ALONE!! ^_^, flamers, smokers, drug dealers, other evil people, people who are mean, drunk people, criminals, stalkers, hackers, slackers, and other people like that...also, certain animated movies, certain animated shows, shows designed for little kids (no offense meant hehe), shows designed for adults (you know what i's just so sad the way society is these days...), the way society is these days, also the way it used to be, and lots of other things...but i gotta go right now...bubbye! :D

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