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About Kanna-Ophelia... I write mostly femmeslash, with a smattering of slash, heteromance, and uncategorisable fluff. I'm a devoted Team Rocket fan. I currently have stories up on in: Pokemon (mostly) Barbie :) The Princess Bride Harry Potter Monster Rancher Sweet Valley High Jem Sailor Moon Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Love Angel Wedding Peach Ranma 1/2 Revolutionary Girl Utena Malory Towers I have a few WIPs, so if you want to know when something is updated, sign up at http:///group/kannaophelia_update I run the Pokeslash Playground (http://) and the femmeslash mailing list (http:///group/femmeslash). My Team Rocket fic, as well as Charabok's, is archived at at Diversion Tactics (http:///diversiontactics). I've just started keeping a fanfic journal. (http:///users/kannaophelia/) A note on universes and sequels: "Girl Next Door," "Boys Keep Swinging," "Let Me Love You," "Water on Sunlight" and "Pash" all belong to the Pretty Pictures universe, and can be read separately or in sequence, although "Pash" probably makes more sense if you've read "Let Me Love You." All my Sweet Valley fics belong to the same universe. About Kanna-Ophelia herself.. Well, If you're really all that interested in my personal life, go read my diaryland blog. The link's up there... :g: Oh, and absolutely everything I write is dedicated to mi amada esposa. Important notes: I suppose you're all aware by now that will remove NC-17 fics in October. In compliance, I've removed all my NC-17 stories. I'm still working on a home for my non-Pokemon fics. Waking the Sleeping Princess (Jesse/James), Pash (Jesse/James), Another Bite of the Apple (Jessibelle/Cassidy), Girl Power (Jesse/Misty), Death of a Beautiful Rose (James/Butch, badfic) and Boys Keep Swinging (James/Tracy) are now located at http:///diversiontactics . All my stories rated R and below will continue to be posted here. XX Kanna