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"Where light shines, love grows"

"If you have a chance,
to become anything on earth,
what would you want to become?

Well to me,
I want to be your tear drop;
I was born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips."

Wow, I should really start updating this thing. I haven't been on here for yonks! Chu! Well...here we go...

Name: Kim (Elkie is an old nickname)

Age: 16

Hobbies/interests: Spending time with my boyfriend Andy, Kung Fu, playing the guitar, art, reading and especially writing.

Anything else to report? : I am young and happily in love. However, many people don't agree on the love thing, but what do they know? You cannot judge somebodies feelings unless you are that person. On a happy note, me and Andy are going strong and are feelings have grown for eachother so much during the times we have been together. Nothing can break us - many people have learnt that already.

Anyhoo, sorrie about that weird note, if you have ever/are in love, and some people are against you, you will understand. I guess what really matters is how you feel.Emotions arestrong and long-lasting.

I hope you take a look at my stuff. Most of it is old news now, but I am writing againafter taking some time out and I am currently writing my first PROPER book which I should hopefully finish this year/beginning of next year. I will keep you updated on it and hopefully add it up here chapter by chapter!

"My last night here for you,

Same old songs just once more,

My last night here with you?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

I kinda liked it your way,

How you shyly placed your eyes on me,

Did you ever know?

That I had mine on you.

So let me come to you,

Close as I wanna be,

Close enough for me,

To feel your heart beating fast,

And stay there as I whisper,

How I loved your peaceful eyes on me,

Did you ever know?

That I had mine on you."

- Final Fantasy 8 - Eyes On Me -

Kim =^.^=

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