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Fwah! I have returned with more matierial! Well, sort of. "False Prophecy" is my newist addition to my account as far as stories go and "Ever wakeing Dream" is the most recent song I have written. Whoot go me! Now if only FP would stop hateing me...:sobsob: Anyway! I'm glad that you have stumbeld in my neck of the Press, so take a look around, who knows? You might find something that you actually like! ^-^


Wow! I officaly have a new fresh idea! Yeah I know what you're thinking, already? Now if only I could get around to actually writing it, hmmm...that MIGHT be important (sarcasim). I believe i'm leaning on the title called "Parallel Philosiphies" I believe that's spelled right...ANYWAY! It's basic theme in a nut shell is that its about this male teenager named Ace (I'm thinking around 17-18 years old) who starts hearing voices, and his mothers a phycatrist, which could cause some problems and low and behold it does. But just to give you a quick sum of it, here's the basic quote I've given it. "What if you hear voices, that arn't yours? What happens when the medicene doesn't work? And what do you do...when you find out your not really crazy?" Sooo, how does that sound? Hopefully fairly interesting. I'll try to get that project up and running ASAP, or whenever God grants me the free time.

Well I've been looking at getting "False Prophecy" actually PUBLISHED (Hey! there's a change!) once I am finished with it. I've already been working on it for two months, so who knows how much longer this thing is gonna take but it has been a joy to write, not the mention all my suportive reviewers have been awsome.

I am also posting a lot of my work in the "Literay Magazine" at my school, so all you cool cats that know me personally go pick up a copy sometime next semester once that thing is published. @.@


UGGG!! Another late update! Damn school and my evil lazyness! I've been trying to update eaither Friday Saturday or Sunday seeing as how that's when I really only have time. It's been over a week sense my last update on "False Prophecy" But thats what I get for being a Jr. in High School. Damn the world...But I think updates on "False Prophecy" should start getting a bit more consitant, sense I just wrapped up the sequel to another one of my stories that hanging out in Fan .


The "Lone Star Preview Marching Contest" was this weekend, and we got 2nd in the 4a divsion . I guess the judges really don't like our show this year.

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