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EDIT: Wow, I haven't been on this thing inalmost 3years! I'll write more about such stuff in my next post! Check it!

Hello I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to give some info about myself and other things right? Well, uh...lets see. Perhaps I should line it all up nice and carefully so that it's "decipherable."

NAME: Siran Awel

AGE: Teenager - and lets keep it simple. ; )

GENDER: Female



HOBBIES: Reading, writing, listening to music, hanging out with friends, talking online, travelling, and playing golf.

OTHER: I have purple and hazel eyes (contacts I mean), orange hair (not really orange it's just been streaked too many times that my friends say it looks orange) but its really black, and I'm 5'5 or 5'6. I'm not sure. I don't remember - but it wouldn't really matter.

What else to say? I love travelling. It is so exciting and fun to be visiting different states and countries, to learn about different cultures and 'try' to speak different languages. What countries have I been to? Lets see...

The Philippines, Japan, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, and France. All very beautiful places. All very unique in their own way. I especially enjoyed England and Scotland. Its SO GREEN THERE! And when I say green, I don't just mean 'green' but everywhere you go there's vegetation! Its so GREEN!

Oh, and their golf courses are just great!

Went up to St. Andrews, Scotland (which by the way - thats where Prince William is studying - St. Andrews University or something like that). St. Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world - and is supposedly where the game of Golf began (hehe, sorry just wanted to give you a little history lesson!). Unfortunately I didn't play Golf there but perhaps next time I will! If you ever get the chance, do visit the UK. Its a very lovely place. And for those of you who live there - or anywhere in Europe for that matter - WOOHOO! Lucky you. Hey, that rhymes...

Now that we're still talking about travelling...thinking about being an AFS (American Field Scholar) for maybe Junior or Senior year. Not sure, but my friends and I are planning it. Hopefully to Europe - a country that we all could hopefully agree on - we got so many ideas, we end up quarrelling sometimes.

Writing - yes I enjoy writing. Mostly poems and some essays. Debatable essays if you know what I mean. Poems...they vary. From nature and romance to angst and humor. But I'm trying not to write too much angst - especially with 'certain words.' So do forgive me. Not that its bad or anything for those of you who do write angst. I like reading it - I'm not too good at writing it.

College...yes, I know its a little early to be thinking about it but...I've been having my eyes on Oxford University. A little out there yes - and 85 of its applicants are accepted. Which is sort of good. Most of the applicants are from out of country. Oxford University is in England - as some might or might not know. I had the opportunity to visit. Beautiful colleges. Beautiful architecture. Interesting history. I'm hoping to take up Theology/Philosophy/Journalism/Literature there. Then there's my friend's dream about being professors there - which I am SERIOUSLY thinking of doing. But later. I want to travel first.

Golf. I am a golfer. Not a beginner, not too advanced. Like...intermediate/advanced. Somewhere along those lines. I am one of few female golfers out there. Sad though. We need more players. Favorite golfers? Anika Sorenstam (she's from Sweden!) and Carrie Webb (is it Karrie? or Carie? I always forget). And there's also Dorothy Delasin - she's real good. And Gracie Park. (Pak? Park? Again, I forget!) Its a fun sport. Hope to use it for scholarships.

So I ramble. Do forgive me. I tend to do that. What else...? LONDON. Ever heard that song "London Calling" by The Clash? Its pretty cool. Love London. I'd LOVE to work there. So much stuff to see, so much history, so much culture, so much...again! I ramble on! I have a love for history as you might if I start giving a lecture...then you'll know why.

I'm a BIG broadway fan. I love broadway and musicals! Singing, dancing, drama, etc. Love it! I had the great opportunity of seeing "The Lion King" on broadway in London. AAAH! I loved it. It's so beautiful. The costumes are amazing are just at awe when the actors and actresses come out. Its totally neat. If you ever have the opportunity GO SEE IT!

Other broadways I saw...lemme think. "The Phantom of the Opera" was really good. The music and just everything about it is so chilling and amazing. "A Chorus Line" is pretty good too but not as good as..."Les Miserables." Cried my eyes out when I watched this. Literally, its SO SAD! So if you do go see this show, BRING LOTS OF KLEENEX TISSUES!!! I will be seeing "Mamma Mia" soon. Heard really good reviews on it. SO EXCITED! I also heard "Thoroughly Modern Millie" was a blast. See it too. So many shows!

Favorite movies? Hmm...there's some good ones out there. Lemme think...again.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - saw this with my friend. Kind of freaked out at parts but thats the jumpy part of me. Sorry Cam. ; )

Pirates of the Caribbean - saw this with my other friend. She and I...freakin' out - but in a very giddy way. Really good movie. Lots of action, nonstop I mean. Oh, and PLEASE read my friend's work. She's also on FictionPress. Her pen name is: Unknown Darkness. So yeah, if you have time - read her stuff.

Tomb Raider - I didn't see the second one but the first one was pretty good. Really enjoyed it. Hope to see the second soon.

Okay, I guess I'll add more later. This is a lot. This is enough! Please remember to read and review my work and I'll do the same for you!

Prince Harry rocks!

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