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(Insert the perfect opening phrase here)

Sigh. It is ever exceedingly difficult to create the perfect opening statement.

So, I shall skip the formalities and move straight to the point.

I am a writer. Gasp. Surprising, eh? I intend, as all of you on fictionpress have already done and are still in the process of doing, to showcase my work here in order to receive feedback that I will use to improve my skills. I also intend to send my work in to be published, but only when I believe it to be as close to my idea of perfection as it can get. So please, feel free to review my work and do not be scared to criticize it. The more constructive criticism I receive, the better my writing will be in the end. Let's break out the chests of sarcastic remarks and clever, well-thought out critiques!

I write fantasy. Not science-fiction. Many people confuse the two and it frustrates me to no end. If you would like to know the difference between science fiction and fantasy, and I mean the true difference, please read the beginning pages of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel The Left Hand of Darkness. Trust me, it will put your confusion to rest and stop you from putting writers' works into the wrong category.

I do write other things, such as plays, essays, poetry, short stories, and children stories, but I have been dying to work on a fantasy novel. Ergo, The Divine Gift. And by God, it is a gift. At least, to me, anyway.

Currently Working On:

The Divine Gift

Young Christion stumbles upon an empty book in the forest, which is something of an oddity in his world. Feeling as if there is nothing left for him in his home after the loss of his first love, Christion sets out to discover the origin of the mysterious book. As the journey wears on, Christion finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy set in motion by a select group of elders that have been corrupted by the gift of power they have been bestowed with by the Divine One. And what of the book? The book begins to reveal the story behind the conspiracy and a legend that was created by the corrupted elders to scare the people of Echletes from investigating any of the elders' actions. And somehow, the book is directly tied to Christion's own family?

What's young Christion to do in the middle of all this madness?

Recommended Writers:
Limyaael, Clia Loriel, Blondie67, MinakoChiChiChan, Mya Von Dor, Lccorp2, and The Hand Behind this Pen.

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